Bill 124 Nurses Usa (March 2022) Complete Details Here!

Here in this article, we will deeply and briefly read about the Bill 124 Nurses Usa and the actions of ONA against the bill.

There are several bills passed every year by the governments of different countries like the United States and several other bills passed by organisations like the Ford government in the American places like Ontario.

So here in this article, we will study Bill 124 Nurses Usa that was passed for nurses by the ford government in the year 2019, so we will read in detail about this particular nurse bill in this very article, so read the whole article for complete knowledge.

Details Of Bill 124?

Bill 124 is a bill passed in the year 2019 by the Ford government of Ontario. This bill was passed to make sure that the increase of the public sector’s compensation should reflect the overall fiscal situation of the very province. So, What Is Bill 124 Nurses? So basically, according to the American government, this bill is passed to limit the regular and annual salaries of the nurses that increase every year. According to the government, this bill will increase the nurses’ wages by one per cent.

But this bill is gaining a lot of controversy in America because of its properties. So the ONA is not happy with It and has taken a step for it about which we will read further in the article, so stay tuned and keep going through the article line by line, to know all the details about this bill.

The action of ONA Against Bill 124 Nurses Usa:

Ona got deeply affected by the bill, took several steps against it, and did a lot of work highlighting its problem. One spoke against the gender discrimination that is showcased in this bill. 

The ONA discussed these issues widely with the media and consulted with all the media companies across the provinces. Because of that, this news has also been picked up by various big advertisement brands and media brands. This particular controversy about Bill 124 Nurses Usa is getting viral on multiple other social media handles.

What Help Can We Provide?

To help the nurses and to save them from this bill, we can help them sending texts or messages to the Ford government to repeal this particular 124 bill, or we can also talk to our MPP about the negative effects of this bill that the nurses will have to face, and lastly as a big step to support this issue we can also do rallies at the MPP’s office.


Here in this article, we have read about the 124nurse bill. We have also read in detail about What Is Bill 124 Nurses and all the necessary information related to this particular   bill passed by the ford government.

Do you support the ford Government decision? If yes, then tell us why?

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