Big NFT Cats (Feb 2022) Know About The Unique Feature!

This post below has complete and interesting facts about Big NFT Cats to help you know about the unique selection, with the contribution of famous artists.

Have you heard about Big Cats in NFT? Big Cats in the NFT are a highlight in the Metaverse, and it has received a few significant Artists bringing Cats to existence.

Today’s modern NFT feature is on Big Cats NFT that would debut on February 2, 2022, and will feature several Marvel artists Worldwide.

So, Let’s read more about Big NFT Cats in the article below.

What exactly are Big Cats?

In the Metaverse, there is a special set of 3-dimensional hand-drawn Big Cats. They are drawn by famous Marvel artists who have contributed to Ironman, The Hulk, and many other popular Marvel characters.

Over the ETH or Ethereum Blockchain, these Big Cats would create a one-of-a-kind NFT selection. The presale for 0.1 ETH started on January 28, 2022.

As per the Discord, world-famous artists Enrique Mateo-Sagasta and Ricardo Cesar have opted to leverage their experience and knowledge with large studios to deliver a project that was never there in the NFT sector.

What is the uniqueness of Big NFT Cats?

Many individuals have rapidly joined the NFT project of Big Cats. The project is unique and distinctive as apart from the artwork in the project, the NFT appears to be expanding in the Metaverse.

But, the available information about the project is limited, including its roadmap or features. 

But, depending on the quantity of the NFTs remaining to be coined and the member count of their Discord, it appears that every one of them would be minted before any form of auctions for the public.

How would Enrique’s work contribute to Big NFT?

Enrique has worked on culturally significant productions such as Star Wars, X-Men, and Men in Black, to mention some, including Big NFT Cats. 

The handiwork is as spectacular as it is intricate, and his craftsmanship would elevate the Big Cats to a level that would inspire wonder and longing across the Metaverse. 

Besides, Enrique’s artwork will become very ferocious, resulting in appealing and imposing Big Cats. 

Once you acquire any of Enrique’s Big Cats, you would walk around recognizing that your avatar is immensely excellent than other NFTs available.

What is Ricardo’s role in the Big Cats project?

The previous work of Ricardo Cesar Rebeirgo includes Aquaman, The Fast & Furious, Thor, and Avenger. In addition, he is associated with a few remarkable works.

He now focuses on creating the Big NFT Cats collection, characters, personalities, and unique poses.

What is included in the Big Cats collection? 

Big Cats NFT’s whitelist seems to be full now, with only 350 seats remaining to be auctioned off shortly. You may join their Discord to unfold interesting facts.


Big Cats is the newly launched NFT project that has the support of world-famous artists, including Ricardo Cesar Rebeirgo and Enrique Mateo-Sagasta.

Many famous artists have worked on Marvel films such as Thor, Spider-Man, Avengers, and Marvel animation productions.

Their work is also contributed to the Big NFT Cats project, with a unique selection of character, roadmap, and utilities. You can tap here to know about Big Cats NFT.

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