Bield Definition {May} Explore With Wordle Hints, Answer

All the information provided in this article is about the Wordle game and its Bield Definition hint. Follow this article to get updated.

Have you played Wordle game? Nowadays, we all move in trends and tend to try all those trending things. Similarly, the Wordle game is a trending game that has been popularized for a long time now. In the countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, etc., people are crazy about this game. 

Bield Definition is related to the answer to yesterday’s puzzle. Follow this article to get your desired answers. 

Wordle 330

The answer to yesterday’s puzzle was ‘yield.’ Did you try guessing yesterday’s wordle? Did you win the challenge? Some people were facing issues while guessing yesterday’s wordle. It is becoming critical with the passing days. The meaning of Bield is ‘Shelter’ Or ‘Protection’.

Wordle game has become a hobby of many people all around the world. It gives you daily challenges which are fun and competitive. Winning the challenges becomes quite difficult with time. And hence people keep on finding hints on the Internet. Similarly, Bield Wordle was one of the hints of yesterday’s puzzle. 

Hints for Wordle 330

It was quite a havoc while guessing yesterday’s puzzle. The challenge was complex and hence frustrating. The answer is similar to ‘bield’, so it is given as a hint. One more hint is given: ‘ It is an agricultural term which means in growing.’ Also, there are no repetitive letters in the word. And the main hint was that the ending of the answer is ‘ield.’ In this manner, these are some hints provided for yesterday’s challenge. It becomes easier to guess. 

Bield Definition: Was it the answer? 

Bield was the rhyme for yesterday’s challenge answer. The major hint was that it ends with ‘ield’, which means the answer is similar to words like beild, field, shield, etc. 

But the correct answer of Wordle 330 is ‘yield.’ Now, you can easily win the challenge. Such hints help you get closer to your answer, and you can win daily challenges. 

The gameplay of the game

This game is simpler and gets fun with time. You even get habitual of this game. You can also win the challenges by searching for hints. Bield Definition was the hint of yesterday’s puzzle, which built confusion. You can win the game by following simple steps. Looking at the colour of the blocks as you start guessing. And once it gets complicated, you can easily win the challenges. You shall get 5 letter words in all your puzzles, and the colour of the blocks turns to red, green or grey as you start. Make sure to use these hints in your complete path. Once you win the challenge, you can share the results on social media and show them to your friends. 


Wordle’s popularity has taken over the Internet with its fun aspects. People are getting competitive with their daily challenges. Similarly, Bield Definition was one of the hints that became complicated. But now you can find the right answer in this article. To know more details and help you understand the topic better, you can visit this link and read more. 

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