Bhl Delivery Scam {June} Check All The Details Here!

The given post talks about Bhl Delivery Scam and elaborates further on the details.

Technology and the internet have smoothened the process to a great extent. However, that has also made the medium susceptible to various scams. One of the biggest threats lies in using online services such as couriers and others. It is a modus operandi used by scammers and hackers to gain your account information to play mischief.

One of the scams we will be looking into today and providing detailed information about is the Bhl Delivery Scam in the United Kingdom. Read the entire article to gain complete details.

Why is the scam in the news?

The BHL shipping scam is trending across the United Kingdom, wherein users share an email claiming the failure of shipment of DHL delivery. Besides, customers are also asked not to follow any instructions mentioned in it. However, it is a method or modus operandi employed by scammers to hack the account credentials of those clicking on the link.

As per reports, users are asked to click on the button or link provided, which later phishes the website and steals all the personal information, including financial information leading to Bhl Delivery Scam. In the coming section, we will detail the scam and how to prevent yourself from falling prey to the fraud.

More details about the scam

  • The BHL scam is related to the DHL delivery wherein the users are sent random mail and messages stating the inability to deliver the parcel to the mentioned address.
  • Besides, the message also reads that there was nobody to sign for the delivery, thus reconfirming the address again.
  • Furthermore, the users are asked to click the link and where the trap was laid.
  • All the information, including personal and financial information, gets hacked by clicking the link.

Bhl Delivery Scam – How to Safeguard yourself from falling into a scam

It has been noted that the link surrounding the BHL shipping tricks users into revealing their personal information in addition to financial information.

As per sources, DHL, with the view of making individuals aware of frauds, has asked users to beware of online scams that use DHL’s name or email communications as well as graphics to send mail to the customers. 

Furthermore, they have stated that the company never asks for any payment for the delivery of goods and never shares any link to reconfirm the address. Thus, users are asked to beware of Bhl Delivery Scam and not click any link in the message or the email.

Final Conclusion

Users are requested to access the company’s official website to connect with the helpline and never click on any suspicious links. Besides, on suspicion of receiving fraudulent SMS or emails that should not be responded to or assessed.

We hope this article provides you with sufficient information about the scam. Do you want to know more details about the article? Then read.

Did you, too, receive any email surrounding the Bhl Delivery Scam? Do share your experience and feedback in the comments section below.

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12 thoughts on “Bhl Delivery Scam {June} Check All The Details Here!”

  1. Thank you for the warning about the DHL scam.
    I received a very convincing email today but fortunately did not respond to their request for address and credit card details. In factWhat I wanted was a phone number so I could call them, and in searching for details I found the advice that it was a scam. Thank you very much

  2. I received this message and thought it was for a electric bike I’ve been waiting for. I gave bank details. When I tried to access the tracking it told me the Web page was np longer available

  3. Yah I keep getting these messages saying that I have a package that the delivery had failed no one was there to sign for it and I need to reschedule the delivery and pay for the shipping cost they want 1.95

  4. I received an email stating that I have an iPhone 13 ready for delivery and it asked to schedule delivery or pick up at the store so when I click pick up at the store it says it was already at the Depot but if I click scheduled delivery then it wants my credit card information to pay $1.95 fee for shipping and handling it’s all a scam

    • Hello Corey McGregor, check if you can reach them or contact them through email, else try for a refund option. The payment company will help you. Keep updating. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  5. As I am expecting a parcel via DHL. This arrived and |I need to pay Approx 2 pounds for custom fees. Nothing unusual as this is South Africa. So I pay the fee and receive no confirmation email. So I check the email again and notice the bhl. I realise that this is a scam and I hve been had. The money is through my bank account and now I need to contact my bank and have them take note of this, should I loose more funds from my account.

  6. I received an email from them.
    It used DHL in the mail address before I opened it. When I opened it, I saw a few red flags…
    – they had my wrong email name- how can they email it to my right address but then say it is wrong in the body of the email?
    -they said they had the wrong ZOOM account for me( why would they need ZOOM for a delivery?)
    – their logo had BHL- looked just like BHL but-if you look closely at the “D”, it is a “B”
    I closed it immediately and searched for BHL scam and found your article.

    I am not in the UK- I am in the USA.
    Be careful!!


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