Bettychilde Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Legit Or Scam?

BettychildeOnline Website Reviews

This article contains honest Bettychilde Reviews about the site that offers multiple items.  

Are you finding an e-store from where you can order all your household stuff? If you are, then you are most welcome in this review blog post.

Nowadays, different items are available in the market that is created to ease your daily household task. However, you will find all these small tools on this e-store named Bettychilde at the most reasonable prices. The store is shipping throughout the globe, including Australia, United States etc. 

If you want to order from this website, then keep reading these Bettychilde Reviews till the end to learn about this online site’s genuineness. 

What is Bettychilde?

Bettychilde is the online website that trades in a wide collection of household tools such as pancake machines, rolling knives, electric engraving pens, eyebrow epilator, USB voice recorder, air humidifier, power car heater and many other related electric devices. 

Moreover, the site’s motive is to help out the shoppers in their regular tasks and make their lives easy. Due to this reason, the website is offering its entire collection at the steal deal prices. In addition to this, the site is also offering a free shipping facility to the specified purchase. 

But, if you have any doubts about this site and want to know whether the answer to this question Is Bettychilde Legit or not, read this post until the conclusion.

Key Features or Specifications of Bettychilde

  • Website’s homepage link-
  • Products- electronic devices and other products
  • Email address-
  • Contact number- not provided 
  • Company address- not mentioned 
  • Estimated delivery period- within 3-10 business days 
  • Delivery charges- Free shipping over $39
  • Newsletter- not mentioned 
  • Payment method- VISA, PayPal, and MasterCard 
  • Return policy- within 14 business days 
  • Refund policy- within a certain amount of days 
  • social media icons- not mentioned 

Would you please go through the shoppers’ Bettychilde Reviews before buying any product from here? 

Pros of buying from Bettychilde

  • The site is HTTPS and SSL protected. 
  • The website holds the latest devices to make your daily tasks stress-free.
  • It sells all the items at low prices.
  •  Customers can return the items within 14 business days. 
  • The site is providing free shipping on some declared orders.

Cons of buying from Bettychilde

  • The website has conflicting policies.
  • The website omits to mention its complete contact details.
  • It is not having any social media existence. 
  • We have found negative reviews on the internet. 

Is Bettychilde Legit?

In this segment, people will get to know about the website’s authenticity as we have enclosed all the available parameters. However, these days’ internet frauds are at its spikes. Thus, experts have suggested avoiding shopping from any random and unpopular ecommerce website without verifying its actual intentions. 

 Kindly pay heed to the below-listed pointers.

  • Website’s domain creation date- as per the sources, the website’s domain name is 17/11/2020. 
  • Website’s domain expiration date- The site’s domain will expire on 17/11/2022.
  • Social media icons- The site is not having any social media existence. 
  • Customer reviews- there is no shoppers Bettychilde Reviews mentioned on the official website. Though negative reviews have found online.
  • Content quality – The available content seems relatively copied. 
  • Address originality- There is no company address is mentioned on the website. 
  • Unrealistic offers- The site is offering everything at unrealistic prices. 
  • Policies- The site’s policies are poor. 
  • Alexa rank- The Alexa rank of the website is 3,571,183. 
  • Trust index rank- the site’s trust rank is 58.1/100. 
  • Trust score – the website has earned a poor trust index score that is 1%. 

Shoppers’ Bettychilde Reviews

As we all know that customer remarks are the most important thing in the authenticity analysis. Moreover, the official website does not contain any customer reviews on it. But we have found ample of reviews from one of the external reviewing portals where people are claiming that the site is phishing and is a big scam so it’s better to stay away from it. 

Read here if you want your hard-earned money back via PayPal

The Bottom Line

Concluding the Bettychilde Reviews post, the Bettychilde store holds multiple products on it, such as hair curling tools, chopper, spin duster and LED lamp. Moreover, shoppers can get the displayed products at an unrealistic price which is the red sign. Besides that, the website does not hold any reliable information on it either. 

Consequently, we suggest our readers to avoid shopping from this e-store as the website is red flagged and received negative reviews. If you have initiated the payment and want your money back via credit card, then read here.

What do you have to say about this e-stores collection? Kindly tell us below in the comments.

95 thoughts on “Bettychilde Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Legit Or Scam?

  1. I ordered a product , have never received, and cannot get a response from this company. Per the tracking site they tell you to check it has never been shipped even though the company says the order has been filled

    1. Hi Teresa Shaeffer, this is a trick that the scammers havemade the buters faced such difficulties. They trick and cheat the buyers and get handsome money from the order amount. See if the Paypal or credit card team can help. Take care.

      1. Where’s my item you took my money and nothing item what the heck I ordered November 26 until now nothing

        1. Same here I ordered an item back on November 21st got 2 emails, second one on December 1st saying its shipped and label made and nothing more since and this is now February 12th. Smh

          1. Hi sharon English, it is sad to know the difficulty you have faced, but there could not be anyone for communication because it is a fraud website. Take care

      2. Hi I ordered something from this site at a great price but never received the item. Tried to email them but no reply. How do I get my money back ?

        1. I have ordered 4 items form and yet when I go into the website and put in my account it states that I “have no orders for this account, yet”. I got an email saying, “That you for your order.” With my receipt from them.

          1. Hello Brenda Lynn Hansen, Did you try to check with them through the mail? Most of them have mentioned, the portal is a scam. Please check it and go for a refund from the payment company. This is a better option. Please update us. Be cautious. Take care. Regards.

    2. Teresa It happened to me too I got scam ed with 2 items That i ordered of Facebook, Sent all the proper emails, tracing number with USPS Delivered to wrong address No response from Betty . Teresa Go to your bank ,credit card with all the emails and paperwork you have I got all my money back 87.20 from the bank and now they are doing a investigation on this co

      1. Hello Diane Shupe, It is good to reach for a refund. The payment company will help you get the full money back. They must be caught and proper action must be taken. Please update once you get it back. Be aware. Take care. Thanks.

  2. I ordered two children cars they sent receipt of order finally got a tracking number it said would come to my address in wi. Well it was delivered to a porch in Florida. No response from Betti Childes no phone number either

      1. I had never heard of this company. I was scammed by Miranda George Club, and after emailing them twice, about an item that never arrived, they eventually replied via a Betty Childe email. Peeked my interest so checked out Betty Childe, and here we are. Looks like it may be the same scammers under multiple sites.

        1. Hello Di Dodds, Ohh, It’s alarming and you said it right. They handle multiple sites and cheat. We have seen no single buyer has received any order till date. They offer kid’s products and still they cheat in such a way. It’s very bad. What response you got from them? Please update us. It will spread awareness. Waiting for your reply. Take care.

      2. This happened to me also, ordered 2 items and they were delivered to Michigan instead of Missouri, so I called the number that showed up on my credit card bill and it was a private number. So the real question is, hoe do you contact the company?

        Sondra Robertson

  3. My order was placed in early October. Items not received nor has any tracking information been supplied. Ready to request refund

    1. Hello Barbara Strickland, It’s too late. Overall scenario says they are total scammers. They are here just to earn money without any hard work and escape. Go for a refund process. This is a best option to get a refund. Update here. Take care. Be cautious. Thanks.

  4. I placed an order in late October and received a order number and haven’t heard anything else about my order

    1. Hello brenda best, Have you checked reviews of other buyers? All are facing the same issue. Many of them have expressed, they are fake. For sure, they are scammers. No one has got any order. Please check for a refund with payment company. Be aware. Don’t reach this website also, they are not able to send kid’s products also. Very Bad. Take care.

      1. I tried to send a email no luck so at this point I reached out to bank to see about a refund. Because this is some bs

  5. I ordered a electric car at the beginning of November I been emailing bettychilde no response I want my money or my car

    1. Hello Antonia Lynette Jackson, it feels much disappointing. The kid’s products are not even left by the scammers. Very bad. The kids have much excitement and they do not get it. Buyers don’t buy from such sites. Hope to get it from known portal. You can reach to the payment company for the refund. Thanks. Be aware.

    2. I’m still waiting for my orders to not happy very upsetting my son won’t be able to get a birthday present just like He missed out for Christmas because of the scammers how do I get a refund

      1. Hello Tracey Rowley, we feel nervous, your son has not received the birthday gift. Reach with the payment company, however, you paid it for a refund. Check if it works. Hope your son gets the gift from the genuine portal. Let us know. Take care. Thanks & regards.

  6. Please contact me about my order r give my money back bettychilde I think it’s a scam I want answers

    1. Hello Antonia Lynette Jackson, When did you ordered? Did you get any confirmation mail? It seems scam. If you check, many of the buyers have dropped same complaint. No one has received the order and are in panic. We can suggest you to contact the payment company for a refund. Thanks. Be alert.

      1. Hello Janet Blackmore, we feel good, you tried and received a refund. Buyers, check the reviews and make sure about the genuineness. Thanks for the suggestion. Be aware every time. Take care.

  7. Hi l bought 2 Adult’s Electric ride in October, still not arrived yet. No contact and no response from them. I think facebook organisation’s can help us .They can locate them. Please help us.

    1. Hello Mohammed, If you check with other comments, no one has either received order till date. How they even think to cheat with kids toys or products? Hard enough to think. Better stay away. We wish Facebook could bring any option to save buyers. Drop the update here. Thanks.

  8. Order from this spin thing gave them my address and they sent it to a total different address . Now can’t get anyone to respond to email comes back as no such email and called the phone number that was on my credit card for them discounted , look number up phone number it was discounted . So don’t buy anything from bettychilde if you give a P.O. Box they will just make up an address or the post office made up the address up , either way you want get item.

    1. Hello Sheila, yes, it is true. Don’t buy from this portal. The buyers have shared experience and it will help to stay away. Don’t get trapped. Thanks for the information. Thanks. Take care.

  9. I ordered 5 of the 3-wheelers and they gave me a tracking number and it was delivered to a different state. They are Christmas presents. Please I need some answers.

    1. Hello robin pritt, Did you know the exact location? Any chances to get the orders from them? Please check the comments posted by the buyers. You will get an idea. Reach them through call if they have or claim for a refund.

    2. I ordered on on 26.11 got a sort of confirmation not heard nothing apparently it was delivered to somewhere in China!!! It was a present for a grandson so more than disappointed S a pensioner lucky I paid on my credit card dee Brown

      1. Hello Dee Brown, It’s a 1-month backorder. We feel nervous you were not able to give it to your grandson. They give several reasons and cheat. Their motto is to earn money and disappear. You can check for a refund with your payment company. They can guide you better. Please let us know the update. Thanks, and regards. Take care.

  10. I ordered a child electronic car and haven’t received it so it must be a scam I’m a single parent I don’t have the money to waste very upset

    1. Hello Iris McElrath, very disheartening. How much is the time gap? Did you try to contact them anyway? Else try for a refund from the payment company. It will work. Check with other buyer comments to get an idea. Be careful. Take care.

  11. I ordered a product too and never received it I emailed 3 times and no reply.. Please I want my money back if you cannot send the product….. You may have got a lot of money from scamming people but one day soon it will strike you hard HIT!!

    1. Hello Annonymous, Many of the buyers has faced the same problem. Yet no update from their side. It is better to try for a refund only. None option will help to get orders from them. Try to connect with PayPal or however you paid it. You will get a clear idea. Let us know if you get any feedback. Thanks in advance.


    1. Hello Karen welsh, Feels disappointing. We can understand what you must be feeling. Many buyers have the same complaint and they are facing the problem. Try to reach PayPal or however you made payment. This will help to get money back. Give further feedbacks if any. Be careful. Thanks in advance. Take care.



        1. Hello Unknown, we feel nervous, even kids are not getting their orders. It is advisable, to stay away from such sites and better opt for real ones. Go for a refund and get your money back. Most of the buyers spotted this issue, so be aware of them. Take care. Thanks.

    2. I have ordered 4 items from and yet when I go into the website and put in my account it states that I “have no orders for this account, yet”. I got an email saying, “That you for your order.” With my receipt from them.

      1. Hello Brenda Lynn Hansen, Did you try to check with them through the mail? Most of them have mentioned, the portal is a scam. Please check it and go for a refund from the payment company. This is a better option. Please update us. Be cautious. Take care. Regards.

    1. Hello Kathy Swartz, have you seen reviews about the existing buyers. They expressed same issue. So yes, we can say they must be scammers. Check out with the payment company to get a refund. They will help you get money back. Thanks for the update. Stay safe and alert. Take care.

  13. I ordered this product on Oct 28th they took my money I’ve emailed them they sent me back a response it was delivered in Hawaii really I have a receipt and confirmation number with Alabama address I will be reporting this to the police and contacting Hawaii post office and police to trace it and get these scammers

    1. Hello Melinda Snead, it is sad to know you haven’t got your order. The same issue was mentioned earlier so it is better to check for a refund with PayPal or however you paid it. You will get a refund and can purchase from the real seller. Thanks for the information. Let us know further updates. It will help the buyers. Take care.

  14. I made this purchase from Betty Childe
    Order #G228UXN9704] (October 13, 2021).
    Have not received any form of status.
    Please advise.

    1. Hello Efrain Vazquez, many of them have mentioned same issue. Please check if you have tracking number or may reach on call if provided on the site. If nothing works, go for the refund option. Stay safe and alert. Take care. Thanks.

    1. Hello Carlos Kevin Bailey, Yes, we have seen many complaints about them. They grab money, nothing else. Don’t have humanity. They offer kids product and still making scam. So no words to say about them. Better option stay away. Hope kids get their order. Take care.

    2. Same issue here! I ordered that electric car for my grand daughter early October, hit my bank account 10/28. Email outreaches to them with no response. Their website says they will respond within one business day. How can I get my money back? Thanks.

  15. Order back 3 weeks ago from Only received that the order was confirmed but never received about the shipping. Tried to email them for 10 days as that is the only contact info and email is always rejected as their mailbox is full. Imagine that!

    1. Hello Tammy Sharpes, We can understand how you must be going through such phase. Many of them expressed they are scammers. Please check if you get any update. Try to get in touch with the payment company for a refund. Thanks. Be aware.

  16. I also have placed an order with this company and finally got a tracking number. When I track shipment it states that it has been delivered, but I NEVER received it. I am so upset that I got scammed. UGH!!!! Now I have to get my grandkids something else. I am really pissed off…

    1. Hello Jill, Yes, many of them dropped same comments as order not received. After check it is found they are scammers. Please be aware and careful. Many people faced the same problem. Hope you get it from familiar portals. Thanks.

    1. Hello Wanda Jenkins, Yes, this is much more disappointing. They are making frauds and earning money. They are cheating with kids product. So bad. Please stay away from them. Please update us if you know any details. Take care.

      1. I ordered 3 power wheels, got nothing I’m not rich I’m on a budget and that was all I could get for my grandkids how do I get a refund to buy them a real present for Christmas? So upset..

        1. Hello Brenda, feels sad to hear. The fraudulent do not even bother with kid’s products. Did you get any confirmation mail? Looking at all comments, no one has received any product to date. So, go for a refund. Check with your payment company, however, you paid. They will help you better. Hope you get better products for grandkids from the genuine website. It is advisable to check reviews before you make any online purchase. Let us know further details. Take care. Thanks.

  17. I ordered on November 27th I tried to contact them no answer I’m contacting my bank Monday morning to do a dispute it keeps saying rejected email when you try to contact them this is a scam

    1. Hello Acura Rapp, yes, for sure they are scammers. Everyone has mentioned about the problem. Please spread this as much as you can. It is advisable, try to contact with your bank. They will help you. Keep updating. Thanks. Take care.

    1. Hello Diana Z, Yes, nobody has got their order. No reply from them at all. All are in the same situation. Did you have any confirmation email? It is very disheartening, they are selling kid’s products and still, they don’t bother. This should be stopped somewhere. Check for a refund from the payment company. No other option we can see. Please update us. Thanks.

  18. I think we should all get on the Facebook post and let Facebook know that it’s a scam because I’m really pissed and need my money back because it’s already hard times being a single parent. Then to get ripped off right around Christmas makes it no better. ITS MY MONEY AND I WANT and NEED IT NOW. I’ve tried everything to get IN CONTACT WITH THEM NO LUCK.

    1. Hello Pokey, you said it right. We feel nervous, you have to suffer such a scenario. They must be caught and proper action be taken against them. All the buyers are struggling to get their money back. Facebook should permit legit portals for advertisements. Please stay away from them. Keep updating here. Take care. Thanks.

  19. I have ordered electronic cars for my grandkids and never received them. I have sent numerous emails asking for tracking and have not had any reply’s back.

    1. Hello Monica Ochoa, no one has received their order. All are facing the same issue. They must be caught and proper action must be taken. If possible, try for a refund. As so many of them have the same concern, it seems nothing will work other than a refund. Please check, if it helps. Let us know. Thanks. Take care.

  20. He’ll everyone! I order 4 Wildthing electric cars on Dec. 7,2021. Sent and email didn’t here anything. So I sent another email to support @ and got a response the next day with a tracking number and the tracking number was for the company Rookie Super Economy Global

  21. Follow up from the first email I sent. After seeing everyone emails and realizing I too probably was scammed! I immediately contacted my Credit Union filled out a report and sent them the confirmation of the order that was placed with and received a full refund from my bank for $173.00. You can get a refund you just have too show your bank or PayPal proof that you purchased the item and didn’t get it.

    1. Hello Mellissa D Geathers, We are glad to know you received a full refund. You did it right and filled for a refund. This would help other buyers to go for a refund process. Your message will assure the buyers and it can help to get the money back from the payment company. Buyers please check the message and take immediate action. It will save your money. Thanks. Take care.

  22. Would like to know the total of people and the total of money the have scammed from All over the world. They must be so black hearted and very proud to steal dreams from little kiddies at Xmas 😠😤 surely some one with a bit of legal experience can get it stopped

    1. Hello Geoff, we feel bad, hearing such incidents are taking place frequently. They don’t even bother about kids emotions. Yes, proper action must be taken and this should be stopped. Thanks. Take care.

  23. I am a70yr old pensioner from England Andi just found out my goods according to tracking have been del to somewhere in Tallahassee (is that some where close. ) LOL it’s maddening that you can trace or face these people Grrrrrrrr

  24. I ordered 2 ride on toys in hopes that they would be here by Christmas. They sure took the money out of my account and I haven’t heard anything from them not even a tracking number

    1. Hello Teresa L Wright, we feel sad, you have not got the order. It can be suggested, try for a refund. The payment company will guide you. Hope you get the desired product from the genuine ones. Take care. Thanks.

  25. I have also recently ordered from bettychilde gotten an order number and dates to when i receive my package been sending emails so my question is do i wait to see what happens or just report an refund immediately. Please help

    1. Hello Odell Gist, many of them have mentioned negative reviews. Check once with them, else directly go for a refund from the payment company. They can help you better. Please update here. Thanks. Take care.

  26. I ordered from this website. I never received a confirmation of my order. I contacted the company with no response. I contacted my cc company to get a full refund. I buy lots of stuff online and have never had an issue until now. I will be letting everyone know if they come across this website to avoid placing an order of any kind with them.

    1. Hello Delihla, Thanks for the valuable information. We can understand how you must be feeling. Did you get a refund from the payment company? Most of them have mentioned negative comments against this portal. So, buyers, be aware and stay away. Please keep updating to spread awareness. Thanks, and regards. Take care.

  27. A Grandmother without the gifts I promised……… do these people sleep at night? My fault, I know better, should have done my research, I was just so excited to find them. I will stop these people, I”m a Grandmother with lots of time on my hands. The 80.00 will not make or break me, what breaks me is disappointing my Grandsons and that is not acceptable.

    1. Hello Debbie Lee, feel sad, as your grandsons did not receive the gifts. Your words show how much nervous you must be feeling. They must be caught and actions must be taken. Did you check for a refund amount? Hope your grandsons get the desirable gift soon. Let us know any updates. Take care. Thanks.

  28. I too ordered some items on December 1, 2021 and never received this items. What do I need to do for a refund.

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