Betravelr Reviews {May 2022} Explore Its Legitimacy!

What are the consumers’ Betravelr Reviews? Does the shop provide a legit service? You can know it all in this writing, with some unknown features of this site.

Online shopping can be great as it gives you amazing deals which can’t be available in the local brick-and-mortar shop. Today in this blog, our audience will grab the information about heavy rebates on the product, with extra benefits.

But, heading to it, we need an answer from you- Are you searching for travel bags online? If so, you’re on the right page. Betravelr, a shopping store in the United States, brings a variety of travel bags and baby carriers, but what are consumers’ Betravelr Reviews

Introduction of the Betravelr shopping store:

Before browsing the answer, whether it is legit or not, we want to deliver a vast outline of this webshop and its selling product. First of all, when we checked this shop, we noticed it sells only one category of commodity, which is travel bags. Comparing the selling products and their domain name, we noticed it is pretty similar and satisfactory (the BeTravelr website sells travel bags, sounds legit).

The home page includes white background, where some products are featured, and at the bottom, policies are visible. However, Is Betravelr Legit? The shopping destination has multiple travel bags like hi-tech backpacks and smart trolleys; along with it, it also sells baby carriers. While checking the site, we’ve not noticed a category-wise product section; only it has a ‘Catalog’ section where all the products are featured.

Plus, that ‘Catalog’ page has filters to fetch the product with Availability and price. Coming to the product details, each commodity has full details with specifications and demo pictures. Now, let’s check the specifications-


  • Physical Address: 611-North Brand-Boulevard, Glendale, CA-91203, United States.
  • Feedback: There are no Betravelr Reviews.
  • Phone Number: 800 817-4410.
  • Official Email ID: 
  • Delivery Costs: According to the shop’s notification, the shipping is now free.
  • Delivery Duration: The duration can be estimated by checking the buyer’s home location.
  • Replacement Policy: Return the product and place a new order.
  • Cancellation Policy: No policy is visible.
  • Refund Policy: It needs approval. It means people need to receive approval mail to get refunds.
  • Return Policy: The policy stays valid for a month.
  • Payment Systems: Online payment modes and Shop Pay for EMI payment.

What are the pros considering Is Betravelr Legit?

  • Various types and colors of travel bags are available.
  • Flat 60 percent discount on each commodity.
  • Additional discount on subscription.
  • EMI facility available.

What are the disadvantages?

  • The ratings on ‘Trust-Index’ are poor.
  • Social links are absent.
  • Absence of consumers’ reviews.
  • Absence of cancellation policy.
  • The delivery duration is not clear.
  • Plagiarism and common content are present.

Checking the shop’s legitimacy:

Evaluation of the legitimacy of any webshop is very important. Nowadays, hackers are ready to trick innocent people for money and personal information. In this segment, we will evaluate it and check the Betravelr Reviews.

  • Missing Information: Cancellation policy.
  • Domain Name:
  • Age: It’s a 2-month-old site; the date is when registration occurred- 18th March 2022.
  • Trust-Index: It’s bad, only 1/ 100.
  • Remarks: No reviews are obtainable.
  • Broken Links: 1 link is available. 
  • Social Links: Socal links can’t be seen on the site.
  • Plagiarized content: 4 percent is plagiarized data, and 29 percent is common data.
  • Skipped Pages: 1 page can be seen.
  • Address Verifications: Verifying the address turns out to be legit.
  • Operator Details: Strangely, the company details are missing.
  • Payment Methods: It is multiple.

Consumers Betravelr Reviews:

On the shop’s official site, we found no reviews about the shop’s service and product quality. There is no specific review section as well as the product page has no remarks. Plus, on weblogs, we found zero remarks.

Along with it, the shop’s link with leading social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc., is invalid. Thus, there is no way to check the reviews on the site. Additionally, read the process of taking your time to get refunds on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Despite its new age and valid address, this shop has a poor trust rate, ‘0’ Betravelr Reviews, and social links. Plus, the cancellation policy is absent, and the delivery policy is vague. So, in our opinion, this shop has to create some credibility and fill the gaps for buyers. Also, read the process of getting refunds on credit cards. How’re the details? Please mention this in the review section. 

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  1. almost feel the Betravelr is a hoax: order something through their online website, however no updates for weeks after the initial credit card charge, when I asked where my order is, they simply cancelled my order without any upfront response!


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