Besty Wordle {April 2022} Fetch The Wordle Answer!

To all the wordle fans who wish to score some extra reward points, read this article about Besty Wordle to fetch easy answers.

Are you stuck with your wordle answers? Did you check out your daily wordle puzzle? Are the answers related to Besty? Is Besty a word in the English dictionary? If you are wordle players, you probably might be stuck with one of these questions.

Wordle is a hype in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, India and many other parts of the world. To all the players looking for the hints of Besty Wordle, this article might serve you with the desired answers!

Details about Besty as your Wordle Answer:

Wordle, is a worldwide hype and provides a five-letter puzzle to their players every day. Players need to guess the right word with the given hints and enter the word in the given grid.

Recently, the puzzle was related to a word ending with TY. People assumed the word to be Besty, but we want to inform you that no such word exists in the English dictionary, and this is just slang which probably might not be the desired answer.

Besty Game– Hints for the Puzzle:

If you also think that Besty might be the answer to your wordle puzzle, then you are probably missing out on something. Let’s recall the hints for the wordle puzzle to know more possible answers for the same.

  • The word ends with TY.
  • The word contains one vowel.
  • None of the letters for the word is repeated.

These are the possible list of hints that we can fetch for the puzzle. There can be a list of assumptions for your grid according to the same.

Besty Wordle– Words Ending with TY:

Now that you have partial clarity that Besty might not be the answer to your wordle puzzle, let’s explore some other list of words ending with TY.

Amity, asity, booty busty, dirty, dusty, fisty, dooty, cooty, botty, booty, diety, Bunty, benty, bawdy, fifty, fifty, empty, culty, catty, cutty, betty is some of the words ending with TY and could be the answers for your daily wordle puzzle.

Wordle Answers for the 28th April Puzzle:

Now that we have all the facts revealed and understood for this puzzle, Besty lets you provide the answers to the puzzle you’re stuck with. Instead of Besty Game, the correct answer for your daily wordle puzzle is Zesty. You are almost too close to the answer, only missing out on one letter.

What are the steps to play Wordle?

To all the players who are new to the platform, then the rules for the game are listed below for your clarity. You then need to enter the guessed word in the given grid. If the colour for the same turns green, then the letter and placement are correct. If it turns yellow, the letter is correct but is not ideally placed. Grey says that the letter and the placement both are not correct.

Final Verdict:

Besty Wordle is the internet hype, and people are linking the same with their 28th April wordle answers. But the correct answer for the same is Zesty, therefore rewarding you with extra reward points.

Check out the daily Wordle Puzzle  to know more about the same. Did this article helped you with the desired answers? then comment on your views below.

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