Engineers Pick the Best STEM Toys to Give as Gifts This Year

Every festive season, STEM-themed gifts fly off the cabinets as people buy educational toys and books for their children. However, staring at colorful rows of building blocks, robots, and computer games in the toy aisle or on Amazon can be confusing.

According to a 2018 report published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, learning and play are “strongly intertwined,” partly because children feel confident learning on their own and exploring without pressure. While not every toy must or should be STEM-related, some gifts are intended to teach particular abilities and ways of thinking.

While many engineering-themed gifts are marketed as such, not all of them are produced equal. The best gifts encourage children to think about design and engineering by incorporating key skills like spatial reasoning, coding, decision-making, and design thinking in a fun way. Furthermore, well-designed STEM toys teach qualities like creativity, optimism, and learning from failure that extend far beyond the realm of engineering. Each gift is described in the guide, along with an outline of the particular skills it fosters.

Miko 3

Miko 3 uses deep learning AI to understand and respond to the world of a child, establishing feelings of togetherness and connectedness to help build confidence. It is accompanied by a slew of emotions. It’s perplexing, expressive, and compassionate. Designed with a larger touchscreen, it offers a healthy alternative to screen time on smartphones and tablets. Miko 3 is outfitted with an emotional intelligence machine that recognizes, recalls, and remembers the child’s emotions, growing with each interaction. 

Integrated with a wide-angle HD camera and advanced sensors for mapping distance, edges, and movement. Unrestricted access to telepresence for video calling with your child at any time and from any location. You can download and use the Miko Parent App available both on iOS and Android, which captures and monitor their children’s time usage, to better understand how Miko benefits them. The child’s data is safe with a trustworthy little robot, data encryption, and strict privacy standards. It is completely child-safe, with inappropriate language filters, age-appropriate content, and ethnically neutral suggestions.

Educational – Helps your child’s learning by answering questions and posing challenges.

Emotional – Knows and needs to respond to the kid’s moods intuitively. Has meaningful conversations and offers companionship.

Entertainment – Plays a variety of games, sings songs, and may even dance. Tells exciting stories.

To get started, download the Miko parent app. Works with Wi-Fi. Once configured, a mobile phone is not necessary. Parents can use the Miko 3 to monitor their kid’s movements from any part of the world thanks to the built-in camera that allows for video calling.

Through the Parental Dashboard, you can keep track of your child’s involvement with Miko 3. Miko 3 has an edge detection sensor that keeps it from falling off. It responds to commands from the Miko parent app to move forward, backward, right and left.


Miko 3 allow your kid to explore the world of tech. With them, you’re not confined to software, but instead, you can interact with hardware at a basic level and get a sense of its inner workings. Whether you’re looking for something for a kid just beginning to explore STEM concepts or a teen who wants to experiment with coding and hardware, both of these devices are great educational buys that teach important skills in the fast-growing field of technology. 

These stunningly designed, building STEM toys are sure to excite all of the STEM-inclined early learners in your life. Rather than merely being able to assemble the craft pieces into some sort of robot or vehicle, your little scientist will actually be able to program Miko 3 to complete certain tasks and respond with specific actions. It’s a hands-on way for kids to experience how technology works in the real world.

We highly recommend the Miko 3 to anyone in the market for the best STEM toys to gift this holiday season. Both are extremely affordable, yet durable, and possess features that make them unique.

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