Best Nature For Shinx Pokemon {Jan 2022} Know How to Utilize!

In this post, we have discussed the Best Nature for Shinx Pokemon and its strengths and weaknesses.

Are you a Pokemon enthusiast? Do you play Pokemon games? Do you want to know about the electric type Pokemon Shinx? If yes, read this post.

Shinx is one of the most underestimated electric type Pokemon, but it too has its own strengths. Many people worldwide, especially in the United states, want to know more about its strengths. So, in this post, we have discussed Best Nature for Shinx Pokemon.

About Shinx 

Shinx is an Electric-Flash type Pokemon. Shinx was introduced in the Pokemon Universe during the Generation V installment of the Pokemon franchise. Shinx possesses two major abilities of Shinx are intimidate and rivalry. Shinx generates electricity by shrinking its muscles that produce glowy fur.

There are both male Shinx and female Shinx in the Pokemon Universe. Male Shinx sticks up more than the female Shinx. Also, the hind paws of male Shinx are totally black while female Shinx’s all four paws are blue.

Let us understand the overall overview, strengths, and weaknesses of Shinx, before knowing more about Best Nature for Shinx Pokemon.

About Strengths & Weaknesses of Shinx 

Shinx is an underappreciated Pokemon. However, in the Trick Room, Shinx outran many Pokemon, with its basic speed of 45. Shinx also possesses two fantastic abilities, Intimidate and Rivalry, which increase the strength of Shinx’s moves.

Shinx, on the other hand, has a few major flaws. The first is its vulnerability to the Ground, as well as its low defenses, which make it tough for Shinx to swap in securely. Shinx’s moveset is also limited. Overall, Shinx is a good Pokemon to utilize, but he has a difficult time finding a spot on a squad in Little Cup.

About Best Nature for Shinx Pokemon

The two best natures for Shinx are:

  • Trick Room 

Under Trick Room, Shinx has the best chance of sweeping. Shinx has an exceptionally low-Speed statistic of 8 due to his hindering nature with 0 Speed EVs. This enables it to surpass the majority of other Pokemon in Trick Room. 

Thunder Fang is Shinx’s powerful physical STAB from outside Spark. Grass, Bug, Ice, and Steel Types take a lot of damage from Fire Fang, whereas Psychic and Ghost types take a lot of damage from Crunch. Iron Tail, on the other hand, primarily targets Rock & Ice types, although Crunch receives more overall coverage.

  • Thunder Wave 

The second Best Nature for Shinx Pokemon is Thunder Wave. Shinx can run a solid Thunder Wave set thanks to its access to Thunder Wave and its Intimidate power. Shinx can take a violent attack and then use Thunder Wave to paralyze the opponent. Thunder Fang is a good match for Thunder Wave since it has a probability of making the opponent flinch. 

Ice Fang deals extremely efficient damage to Ground types. Ghost and Psychic-types take a lot of damage from Crunch, whereas Steel-types take a lot of damage from Fire Fang. 


Shinx is not very popular among electric type Pokemon, but if players utilize it in Best Nature for Shinx Pokemon, it would be a great advantage for them. Visit this Shinx Wiki fan page to know more.

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