Best Free Tax Filing 2022 {April} Discover Software List

This article is about Best Free Tax Filing 2022 softwares and all other information. Read to find all your answers.

Have you faced any tax filing complications when you reach the end of your financial year? The last date for this year was 18 April 2022. But you can still file your taxes using some softwares, which is free for low-income taxpayers from the United States and other countries. 

Let us find out about Best Free Tax Filing 2022 and how it will help people dealing with filing taxes at the last moment. 

Who can use the free tax filing softwares? 

These free online softwares will help you file your tax returns at the end moment. Are you curious to know who can use this software? The following are some claims to be considered, which are as follows;

  • US Simple tax return payers  (refer to form 1040) 
  • One who has student loan interest for deduction
  • W-2 income to declare
  • One who claims children as dependents
  • Claim Earned Income Tax Credit
  • One who has limited interest and investment income

With the help of tax filing softwares, all of the above-considered taxpayers can file their taxes. 

Best Free Online Tax Filing 2022 softwares

We will help you identify some free softwares which are available online and would help you file your taxes efficiently. Some of them are as follows:

  • FreeTax USA
  • Cash App Taxes
  • TurboTax
  • TaxSlayer
  • H&R Block

These softwares have their unique features and advantages concerning the criteria for taxpayers. E.g., Cash App Taxes and FreeTax USA work best for Simple tax returns. TurboTax works well for Turbo tax providers. H&R Block helps in online and offline tax preparations TaxSlayer is good for competitive pricing. 

What does Best Free Tax Filing 2022 do? 

All these online softwares help you file your taxes electronically easily and efficiently. As the due date has passed, some people can still use this softwares for filing taxes if they are under certain considerations, as mentioned above. You don’t have to do anything manually, and it will also save your time, and there won’t be any mistakes in the process. Your tax returns will be available fast and with maximum security. Concerning your criteria about the type of taxes you pay, you can choose the software that works well for you, which would be more feasible. 

Best Free Tax Filing 2022 softwares will help you efficiently if you consider these points to your best advantage. Some of these examples will give you an idea of which software to choose for your work. Each has its criteria to follow specifically. 


The due date for filing taxes has passed, but some people can still file their taxes if they fall under certain criteria. In this following article, we have also discussed the softwares, which are available online for free. Following the criteria and the features will help you to decide Best Free Tax Filing 2022.

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