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Bentcarrott com post shares information about medications that the FDA has approved to treat Peyronie’s disease and subsequent ad campaigns
run by the company.

The digital revolution has touched every aspect of human life, and it has also increased the level of awareness among citizens. The impact of digitalization on the health care sector is amazing, and it has done wonders for patient and doctor relationships in managing ailments. 

The increased awareness level has led patients to seek solutions for their health needs, and sometimes pharma companies also generate awareness through the marketing campaign. Endo International, through its promotional campaign for Xiaflex, is doing the same in the United States.

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About Peyronie’s Disease:

People are reluctant to discuss some disease with their doctor, and Peyronie falls in that category. The development of scar tissue in the penis, which causes it to curve more than normal, is known as Peyronie’s disease. It can also cause pain during intercourse and occur due to physical injury.

The FDA approves Xiaflex to treat this disease, and other options available with the patient are surgical. As per Endo, this condition affects one in ten people, but its diagnosis rate is low due to patients’ reluctance.

Bentcarrott com:

The marketing campaign of Endo used the bent carrot metaphor for Peyronie disease and named the website on it. The company is trying to generate awareness among patients by putting information about the disease on the site.

The patient can understand their condition with the help of information given on-site and consult the urologist. The website contains information related to the following topics:

  • It has detailed information about Peyronies’ disease.
  • The site also discusses Xiaflex medicine and the different stages of treatment with this injection.
  • The side effects of the medicine are also given and when people should avoid this injection.

Bentcarrott com role in the treatment of Peyronies’ disease

The awareness level about many ailments is still low among a large section of the population. The ad campaign by Endo uses every possible medium to connect with people on every platform.

It uses commercials with bent carrots to educate people about this ailment. The campaign is leveraging primetime shows, streaming videos, and evening news to reach people. The social media, digital, and radio advertisement services will help the company reach a larger audience.

The media campaign will generate traffic on the website and allow people to know more about the disease and its solution. Bentcarrott com, with all the information on it, will play a major role in bringing doctors and patients closer.

Endo has done two years of research on patients with Peyronie’s disease and found that it takes seven years for average patients to know about it. 

Final verdict:

According to doctors, patients have to deal with many challenges and denial in society to reach the doctor finally. One hopes that the Endo ad campaign will help people know more about the disease and find a proper solution.

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