Benji Krol Siblings {Oct 2021} Get Complete Insight!

This article will provide all the facts on Benji Krol and also about Benji Krol Siblings.

Are you attracted to content creators on various platforms like TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms? If yes, you must be familiar with one charming personality who is none other than Benji Krol. He is a well-known Canadian personality, and people are quite mysterious about Benji Krol Siblings, relationships and other facts.

He has a huge fan following across the globe and especially in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. To know more about him, continue reading this article for interesting facts and news. 

Who is Benji Krol?

Benji Krol is a growing social-media personality, Instagram influencer, Tik Tok star, content creator and holds a YouTube channel to posts humorous videos. His content has taken him to a large number of subscribers. 

He is also very famous on Instagram, where he posts pictures clicked by himself. 

While researching, we found that the fans were searching about Benji Krol Siblings on his social media handles but unfortunately couldn’t find anything. Benji uses the Insta platform broadly to express his mastery of photography. Benji is also a leading figure on TikTok, with millions of lovers who showered their affection and support to the youthful influencer. 

To get more information about him, check his extensive specifications below-


  • Full name- Benji Aleksander Krol
  • Nickname- Benji Krol
  • Age- 21 years
  • Gender- Male
  • Religion- Christianity 
  • He Lives in Montreal, Canada
  • Birthplace- Canada
  • Nationality- Canadian
  • Benji Krol Siblings– Brothers: 1- Rowy Krol, 2- Thomas Krol
  • Relationship- Girlfriend: Jadyn Cothern.
  • Parents- Father: Andre Krol, Mother: Alejandra Krol
  • Profession- Tik Tok star, social media personality, Instagram influencer and Youtube content creator.
  • Net worth- $0.5 Million
  • Height- 5 feet 9 inches
  • Weight- 74 kgs
  • Eye colour- Hazel
  • Hair colour- Dark Brown 
  • Birthday- December 14, 2000

The above the some basic details that we found while research Benji Krol. To know more about him, scroll down to find more details about his personal life.

Personal Life and Benji Krol Siblings

Benji Krol is the son of Aleksander Krol, a businessman by profession. The mother of Benji is Alejandra Krol, a homemaker. His father is English, and his mother is Argentinian.

For his siblings, not much known to the world as of now. But, Benji has been brought up alongside his two brothers. The first one is Rowy Krol, and another one is Thomas Krol.

Apart from this, he is dating Jorge Garay, a well-known Tik Tok star in the industry.

Fun Fact-

Benji is fond of gathering many pebbles and has now established a nice arrangement displayed on his desk.


As a concluding thought, for Benji Krol Siblings, it is suspicious due to his bit of touchiness about his personal life. However, collected data has the names of, and any update will be notified soon.

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