Top Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults

It’s a common misconception that older adults should avoid exercise because they could get injured. The truth is that being sedentary has more harm than good. The risk of injury is always there, even for younger people. The key here is to find the right exercise and do it correctly, depending on your condition. For instance, osteoporosis patients should avoid high-impact exercises or jogging and running, as they could cause fractures. The same goes for those that involve twisting and bending. Instead, they can do balance and stability exercises and those that improve flexibility.

Even those who suffer from incontinence can still exercise and live an active lifestyle. There are products, like incontinence pads, they can wear designed for these activities. Confidently exercising with incontinence is possible with these items. As mentioned, the type and intensity of exercise depend on your health condition. It’s always best to talk to your doctor for recommendations on the best safe exercises. Here are the benefits that older adults could get from exercising.

Maintain average weight

Having a normal weight is important for everyone, regardless of age. Obesity can lead to various health problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy weight when you’re older is more challenging because metabolism slows down as you age. Exercising, especially cardio workouts, can help boost metabolism, and with a balanced diet, you can maintain an ideal weight. 

Stronger bones and muscles

Stronger bones and muscles are vital for older adults, so they can live independently without relying much on others. This, in turn, boosts their confidence. It also benefits the family or caregivers as caring for them wouldn’t be too hard. Some of the exercises for this are Pilates and weight lifting. Start with low-impact exercises for a few minutes daily to warm the body. Once you get used to it, you can adjust to at least half an hour daily. 

Promotes better sleep

Older adults who do not move much often have trouble sleeping. Exercising two to three hours before bedtime can help you sleep better. Your body temperature increases as you exercise, encouraging rest as you cool down. Having enough sleep can also improve focus. It also strengthens your immune system, as this is the time that your cells regenerate and your body repairs itself. 

Prevents heart problems

Obesity and high blood sugar, cholesterol, and pressure put you at risk of heart disease. As mentioned, exercising helps manage a healthy weight. Plus, it can also lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and pressure levels, preventing heart problems.

Boosts energy

Being inactive makes you feel weaker. Exercising boosts your energy, letting you enjoy various activities or things you love. You will miss doing these if you don’t have stamina, thus affecting the quality of your life. 

You will reap the benefits of staying active if you choose safe exercises. Consult your doctor before trying any workout to avoid injuries or further problems. If you experience pain or any concern while exercising, inform your healthcare provider immediately.

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