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The guide shares details of Ben Chew Lawyer, who is representing Johnny in his defamation trial.  

Do you know who is representing Johnny Depp in the legal battle? Lawyer Benjamin Chew is the lawyer who represents the actor in the courtroom. Depp sued his ex-spouse in a defamation case for around fifty Million dollars after her ex-wife accused the actor of domestic abuse in 2018. 

She again countersued her ex-husband for $100 million. The worldwide viewers are watching the live trial from Fairfax County Circuit Court, where Ben Chew Lawyer represents the actor. 

Who is Advocate Ben Chew?

Ben Chew is the popular American lawyer focused on offering legal support pro bono to America’s founding fathers during the formation of the constitution. The lawyer has an impressive track record and presently working in partnership at Brown Rudnick in Washington. 

The lawyer has a rich experience of 30 years of winning legal battles. He has comprehensive international expertise, as he worked earlier for governments in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Dubai. Ben Chew also represented Johnny in 2017 for a fraud action against a Management Company. However, both parties reached an agreement later in 2018. 

Why is Ben Chew Lawyer Depp Trending?

Social media is flooding with many rumors and facts about the ongoing trial between two Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Many meme pages and support groups turned to social media for updates. The fan pages are flooded with comments favoring the two actors.

Johnny’s lawyer, Ben Chew, reacted to a post, and it has gone viral. The users applauded Johnny’s legal team for their reactions and representation of the defamation case against Heard. 

An Instagram page has been created, “Johnny Depp Case,” that shares the video of Ben Chew Lawyer Depp discussing things in between the trial. Expressions of Johnny and Ben are now doing rounds over social platforms. So, lawyer is trending, and people search for more details online. Many users have commented and reacted to the Instagram post that you may check online.

How People Reacted to the Post?

Many people reacted to the video, and you can check the Instagram post for more threads. People were seen favoring the legal team of Johnny. They favor and appreciate the legal team and Ben Chew Lawyer for his representation. 

A user said Johnny and his professional lawyer have quality together. A user said, glad to see Johnny and Ben together and a professional lawyer beside the actor. After Johnny, all actors are now hiring his legal team. 


Johnny Depp is involved in a legal trial, and he has been represented by Ben Chew, a professional American lawyer. The first round was unfavorable in the UK, and worldwide, fans are waiting for the next round in Fairfax County. 

Ben Chew Lawyer, represents Johnny in the courtroom. After a video is published on social media, the lawyer and the actor make rounds on social media. You may read the Threads online to read all comments and feedback from users. 

What is your opinion on the trial? Please share it in the comment section. 

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