Becaucome Reviews {June} Is This A Legitimate Site?

Becaucome Online Website Reviews

Read exclusive Becaucome Reviews unavailable elsewhere to know website features, offerings, and authenticity.

Are you looking to buy glittering men’s wear? Would you like to order clothes and unique accessories at the lowest price, at additional discount offers, and free shipping in the United States? Are you looking for high-utility kitchen gadgets? has come up as a new e-store offering interesting items. But before purchasing, we recommend you read its reviews to know its legitimacy. So, let’s know more about Becaucome Reviews.


Becaucome is a recently launched e-commerce website that had stolen content, contact number, and address from several fraudulent websites such as NiceWeiss, Grasvip, Statrendy, Rainlands, etc. Furthermore, the ‘About Us’ section of Becaucome is generic and copied from,, etc. Hence, Becaucome is a fraudulent website.

Becaucome focuses on selling polo t-shirts and slippers. However, there are 221 different categories of products present on Becaucome, including:

  1. Swimming suites,
  2. Mobile accessories,
  3. Repair tools and utilities,
  4. Heating outfits,
  5. Toys,
  6. Furnishing,
  7. Christmas products,
  8. Kitchen accessories,
  9. Footwears,
  10. Leggings,
  11. Men’s ware,
  12. Beauty accessories, etc.

Features determining Is Becaucome Legit:

  • Buy clothes, accessories, and household utilities at:
  • Price: between $0.01 to $129.99.
  • Social media Links: unspecified at Becaucome.
  • Physical Address: Landbase Trading company, 1st fl., Beaconsfield MSAM 40 Junction 2, Beaconsfield A355 Windsor Dr, Bucking Hamshire, England, GB, Pin-HP92SE.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: only customer feedback and reviews are present on Becaucome.
  • Terms and Conditions: included but plagiarized at Becaucome. 
  • Privacy policy: included but plagiarized on Becaucome. 
  • Phone (or) whatsapp number: only contact number 44-772-359-8988 is present on Becaucome.
  • Store locator: unspecified at Becaucome. 
  • Help and FAQ: unspecified on Becaucome.
  • Becaucome Reviews of Delivery Policy: timeline for delivery is unspecified at Becaucome. 
  • Shipping Policy: timeline for the order processing is unspecified at Becaucome. 
  • Cancellation Policy: orders need to be canceled before dispatch at Becaucome.
  • Tracking: third-party carrier tracking number will be emailed by Becaucome.
  • Return Policy: Becaucome will accept returns within fourteen days. 
  • Restocking fee: unspecified at Becaucome.
  • Refunds Policy: timeline for refunds is unspecified on Becaucome.
  • Email address:
  • Mode of Payment: via PayPal, Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, and DinnersClub in 15 global currencies. 
  • Newsletters: supported and published by Becaucome.


  • Becaucome Reviews determined free shipping by Becaucome on orders above $45.00
  • Becaucome offers more than 52% discounts on most of its products
  • Becaucome offers up to 15% additional discounts on additional purchases
  • A wide range of products are available at Becaucome
  • Becaucome has a user-friendly interface with filtering, sorting, and searching criteria 


  • The specified physical address and contact number are fake as it was included on several fraudulent websites
  • Difficult to contact Becaucome customer service as the contact number and address is fake
  • Unrealistic discounts offered by Becaucome
  • Timeline for shipping, delivery, and refunds are not specified at Becaucome
  • The payment method is contradicted at the checkout by offering only PayPal

Is Becaucome Legit?

  • Becaucome Creation: 11th May 2022 at 9:11:01AM.
  • Becaucome Age: twenty-seven days old. 
  • Becaucome Last updated on: 11th May 2022 at 9:15:53AM.
  • Becaucome Expiry: 11th May 20223 at 9:11:01AM.
  • Becaucome life expectancy: expires within ten months and three days.
  • Trust Index: Becaucome achieved a terrible Trust Ratings of 1%.
  • Business Ranking: Becaucome achieved a terrible Business Rank of 1.8%.
  • Place of origin: Becaucome originated in a high-risk country China.
  • Status of Blacklisting: Becaucome is not blacklisted.
  • SSL Status: its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 75 days.
  • Threat Profile: 80%.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 18%.
  • Becaucome Reviews of Phishing Score: 75%.
  • Malware Score: 80%.
  • Spam Score: 28%.
  • Contact person: unspecified at Becaucome.
  • Connection Security: Becaucome sends data over a valid HTTPS protocol. 
  • Social relations: Becaucome pages were not found on social media.
  • Owner’s contact and Identity: Using censorship services from, Becaucome’s owner contact and identity are hidden.

Customers Reviews:

Five website reviews and two YouTube reviews of Becaucome suggest that it is possibly a Scam. In addition, Becaucome has a Zero Alexa ranking. We recommend you Learn About PayPal Diddles to avoid online Scams.

Product reviews on are all positive and rated 5-stars. Henceforth, such product reviews on Becaucome are fake. 


Becaucome Reviews conclude that it is a Scam. We do not recommend in absence of testimonials regarding receiving delivery. Furthermore, there were no user reviews and feedback for Becaucome elsewhere on the internet, social media, and review websites. Additionally, had a terrible Trust Score, Alexa and Business Ranking, and short life expectancy. Henceforth, it is recommended to Learn about Credit Card Rackets to avoid scamming.

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