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The article is all about Bdsp National Pokedex, and all the details of the topic are covered under this article.

You must trade to clear out your Pokédex because both Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) include their unique Pokémon once you acquire the National Pokédex, over 493 Pokémon in BDSP in many nations like Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Many individuals utilize trade to get Shiny Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon, and other rare species, much like they did in prior Pokémon games. This is the correct way to know more about the Bdsp National Pokedex.

National Dex is Involved in the game.

In the Diamond and Pearl Remakes, the National Dex is accessible. All 493 Pokemon from the first four generations are included in the National Dex, available in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The National Dex may be obtained by encountering the first 150 Pokemon in the native SinnohPokedex, much like the originals.

What exactly is a Pokedex?

Pokedex alludes to an electronic device that is supposed to provide information on various Pokemon species and lists of this well-known PC game, manga series, and anime. The word Pokedex also implies a Pokemon list, and you must have known about Bdsp National Pokedex.

It complements the main menu, which lists all of the seen and obtained Pokémon from numerous games, including Pokemon Pinball-Ruby and Sapphire.

The Grand Underground of Pearl

Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond are mostly accurate in modifying the 2006 Nintendo games (DS). The Pokedex is a remarkable example since Studio ILCA picked the actual 151 Pokedex above to amplify the Platinum edition. 

The new features in the BDSP, i.e., Hideaways, allow Trainers to capture Platinum’mon timely in the game. Those sad that they cannot capture Houndoom are fortunate because they can snatch the Fire-type and many others. 

How to get Bdsp National Pokedex

You must see all 150 Pokemon in the Sinnoh Region, including Dialga and Palkia, to obtain the National Dex in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP). But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The first task is to complete the game’s primary story, i.e., to become the Champion.

According to some of the leaked information, Fairy Pokemon will be a part of this massive number of remakes, even though it will not be open at the time of its fascinating conveyance.

This also implies that Bdsp National Pokedex has several species like Ralts, Togekiss Mime Jr, and others that will produce more pixies. However, EveelutionSyleon will not be a part of the game.


The new improvements for Pokémon’s gaming stage are Marvelous Diamond and Shining Pearl. This has prompted extensive searches for a topic with a long period, such as Pokedex, which is covered in the article. Along with this, you may want to read more about Bdsp National Pokedex then go through 

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