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Do you know why BC Decriminalize Drugs? If you aren’t aware of the cause, kindly read the sections given below. 

Have you heard about the critical step taken by the British Columbia of Canada? Then, kindly update yourself about the matter by reading the passages underneath. The mortality rates are immensely elevating globally due to several causes. 

Moreover, Covid-19 was the prime reason for deaths in the past few years, but deadly chemical consumption has largely affected the world. Thus, British Columbia province has taken a big move to lessen the increased rates. So, if you wish to collect more strings, kindly study this post on BC Decriminalize Drugs religiously. 

Describing The News

After discovering clues, we learned that British Columbia would try to freeze the charge of prohibited chemicals for only 3 years. In addition, a source highlighted that the policy would not approve the substance and remains unaffected for individuals with only 2.5 grams. Moreover, the thread also expressed that the step will be for 18 years or above individuals. 

As soon as the news circulated on different social media, it became a prime and trending topic. You might be wondering why the authorities have taken such a great step. The solution to your doubt is defined in the following passage. 

Why Does BC Decriminalize Drugs?

The survey of reliable sources explained that the exemption had been planned to reduce the increasing threats to society due to prohibited chemicals. Moreover, Dr. Theresa Tam, the public health officer, tweeted that criminalization fear permits individuals to use the harmful chemicals confidentially, which elevates the chances of more harm. 

Another officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, explained that they are trying to fade the shame or fear within individuals through this step. Also, she stated that it would make a difference in the increasing threats. So, please check the underlying section carefully to attain more useful hints regarding the BC Decriminalize Drugs topic. 

Supplementary Hints 

Our analysis discovered essential information revolving around the topic, so in this section, we will provide those details to let you understand the matter more deeply. By executing this technique, British Columbia became the first province to appeal relief from the laws of Canada

Moreover, the exemption will initiate from 31st January 2023 for three years, i.e., 31st January 2026, during which the officers will not charge or punish for having 2.5 grams of chemical substance. Instead, they will serve the necessary support to the individuals. However, the policy will remain unchanged for schools, airports, and military officers. 

From a source of BC Decriminalize Drugs, we learned that from 2016 to 2021, approximately 26,000 people died from substance abuse. In addition, after an alarming public health emergency, the province registered over 9,400 death cases due to chemical abuse. 


We have discussed a trending topic revolving around British Columbia in this post. Please note that we have given the facts from online sources. Learn supplementary threads on the topic here

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