Basellers Reviews {April} Is It A Legit Website Or Scam?

Basellers Online Website Reviews

Are you searching for the online items in the sale? Here you will touch almost the same, including the user’s Basellers Reviews.

Are you are looking for life-essential fashion outfits? So, please stay tuned till the end of the post. Nowadays, we have a huge number of podiums that hold various items in almost every country like the United States

You can buy every essential item very easily without going to the offline market. Even you can get on a discount. Basellers is the shopping portal that claims a collection of life-essential fashion outfits like hygiene products. Raybon glasses are also available at a 60% discount.

If you want to know more, let me check shopper’s Basellers ReviewsRead the article carefully to understand.

About Basellers

Basellers shopping online portal has a good amount of essential items like mask, cotton tank, camisole, t-shirt, and much more in many countries like the United States. Basellers offers a big discount on the different items like 50% on the hygiene products, 60% on the sunglasses, etc.

Here policy points are also available, like shipping policy and payment mode. But when you are going through online shopping, you must check about legitimacy: Is Basellers Legit or Scam?

Specifications About Basellers

  • The URL of the website is
  • The email support for the inquiry and communication is
  • The company name is also present, i.e., Basellers Ltd.
  • The company address is 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ; you can visit the store.
  • The contact number is not extant anywhere, not even on contact us details.
  • Here you can get essential life products like hygiene items.
  • Facebook, Twitter, youtube, instagram, etc. icon links have been seen there, but on click, nothing is there.
  • Shopper’s Basellers Reviews do not contain extant, so it is hard to verify the portal.
  • Here shipping charges are applicable on order if your cart value is less than $35.
  • It has taken almost 10 days the preparation your order.
  • The return policy is not visible on the website.

What are the Advantages of buying products From Basellers?

  • Here you can pay for your payment online by paypal, MasterCard, VISA, etc.
  • Except for the contact number, all the communication points are available on the web pages.

What are the Disadvantages of buying products From Basellers?

  • User’s Basellers Reviews section is empty as no lines are present on the trust pilot.
  • The portal is having 1% trust index and 14 out of 100 trust rank, which looks too bad.
  • The portal has just launched on the online platform.
  • It has not been a shared contact number, and shared company addresses are unrealistic.
  • It has not return policy.
  • It has very less number of items.

So please do research well before making any plan to buy any items, check about reality and authenticity of the website.

Is Basellers Legit or Scam?

  • Basellers has launched on the 23/03/2022, just a month before, so new in the market.
  • Basellers has a low trust rank 
  • Trust score is just 1% which is exceptionally low.
  • Basellers is claiming a very less number of items in a big discount sale.
  • It has copied almost content from another website.
  • Basellers will expire on 23/03/2023.
  • Basellers’ owner information is hidden, so we do not know the name of the CEO.
  • Social media is inactive.
  • The shopper’s mindset has been absent, so hard to wind up the post and verify the website.

We can say Basellers looks questionable before start shopping you must do research sharply and check all the points.

Shopper’s Basellers Reviews

Basellers is holding hygiene products like a mask, cotton tank, camisole, tshirts and so on also offering a good amount of sale, so prices are very reasonable.

So, we tried to search more and wanted to touch the user’s feedback, but no output extant on the trust pilot, not even on the main page, so it is tough to say about the website authenticity.

Please check the portals on how to save money from a credit card.

Final Verdicts

Lastly, we have some data that can help the people who are looking for shopping as new website, bad trust rank, no shopper’s Basellers Reviewsitems like a cotton tank, camisole, etc., unrealistic company address, contact number hidden, copied data on the website, etc.

Please be aware of how to protect yourself from paypal fraud.

Do you have any items from Basellers? You can write your lines in the below section for the next users.

6 thoughts on “Basellers Reviews {April} Is It A Legit Website Or Scam?

  1. 100% FRAUD! Total scammers. I should have known when they posed a “30% discount” while checking out … for no reason whatsoever. Clever considering this prompts a person to buy more thus, their taking (stealing) from you is greater. DON’T DO IT!!!

      1. Don’t order – SCAM – ordered trainers, no email confirmation, unable to track and it just says order confirmation so we screen shot the order number. We don’t have any confirmation in our emails/junk. Now the site appears to have disappeared. We have no evidence apart from the screen shot when it took the order/money. I am gutted. We can’t even contact anyone to see if we can speak to a customer services department to give e the benefit of doubt. It appears to be a duplicated scam site.
        Any ideas of what to do??? Or reported to cyber teams???

        1. Hello Steve, we feel sad to hear you received such a product. They just earn money and give no quality products. Highly unacceptable and feeling nervous. Yes, you can reach for a refund from the payment company. Buyers, stay away from them. Take care. Thanks.

  2. Scam. Took money. No email confirmation to track. We took a screen shot money had been taken. I’m sending over to a cyber team for fraud. Now they have peoples

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