Banbi Store Reviews (March 2022) Is This A Scam Portal?

This article includes fair Banbi Store Reviews about the webpage that offers mystery boxes and other items.

Do you want to know the reality of the Banbi Store? If you are excited, then read this write-up till the end.

In this era, people need everything that includes technology, artificial intelligence, and automation. So, today we will be updating our readers about one online shopping platform that trades in mystery boxes containing expensive electronic items such as iPhone, iPad, PSP, etc. People all over Australia are eager to learn about this online store and its products. 

Let’s start with these Banbi Store Reviews.

What is Banbi Store?

In our research, we found that the website trades in multiple unique items such as electronic items, lifting and standing desks, telescopic storage racks, multi-functional mobile customer desks, etc. Furthermore, the website was established on 20/12/2021, and its core vision is to grow its business. 

Besides that, the website offers unclaimed express, electronic items that shoppers can select among three different boxes. If you get lucky, they will get expensive surprise electronic items such as PSP, DSLR, laptop, iPhone, IPAD, etc. 

In hindsight, the site’s interface is poorly designed, and there are only limited products available on the portal. Thus, the customers should be cautious while visiting this e-store. If you want to gather detailed information regarding Is Banbi Store Legit or not, then scroll further. 

Specifications of Banbi Store

  • Website URL-
  • Domain establishment date-20/12/2021
  • Email address–
  • Contact number-not specified 
  • Company address- no information 
  • Products- mystery boxes and desk, etc 
  • Estimated shipping cost- depends on location 
  • Delivery period-7-15 business days 
  • Payment method- visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express 
  • Return and exchange- within 30 days 
  • Refund policy- within certain days (specified on the website)
  • Newsletter-available 
  • Social media links- mentioned 

Kindly scroll down in these Banbi Store Reviews to learn about the reality of the website.

Benefits of Banbi Store 

  • The site is SSL encrypted and promises to keep all the customer details safe.
  • 100% money-back guarantee available on the website. 
  • Customer support email address mentioned on the site.
  • The site provides expensive gifts at low prices.
  • The site has express shipping features throughout the world, including Australia.

Drawbacks of Banbi Store 

  • There are no valid shoppers’ remarks mentioned on the official portal.
  • The website is recently registered.
  • The published links of social media are worthless.
  • The company location and other important information are missing from the website. 

Is Banbi Store Legit?

This website’s authenticity seems controversial since its lacks to deliver useful information, and the site’s interface is identical to the scam store. In addition, we advise the potential shoppers to investigate such portals before working on them thoroughly.

Here we have mentioned some checkpoints that will help you expose the site’s actual motives.

  • Domain establishment date- the website is less than six months old since its domain was created on 20/12/2021.
  • Domain expiration date- The website’s domain name will terminate on 20/12/2022.
  • Trust score- the site has also achieved an average trust score of 60%.
  • Customer opinions- Indeed, no shopper’s Banbi Store Reviews were obtained from the authorized portal. 
  • Social media links- the specified icons hold invalid links; thus, it takes you to the log-in page of the respective portal. 
  • Content quality- The quality is poor since the website has not provided detailed information about its offerings. 
  • Address originality- The office address is missing from the website. 
  • Alexa rank- No Alexa rank results available for Bambi Store. 
  • Unrealistic offers – The site claims to gift expensive electronic items.
  • Trust index rank- The site’s trust rank is slightly higher than the average rank of 63.6%.

What are the users’ Banbi Store Reviews?

According to the experts, honest shoppers’ reviews provide 100% accurate information about the site’s after-sale services and products quality. Furthermore, no shopper has posted any reviews on the official portal. Neither any reviews obtained from the Trustpilot nor the site has any existence on social media.

In short, customers should wait for some time for legit reviews to arrive since the site is newly established. 

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The Final Verdict

In these Banbi Store Reviews, we concluded that the website’s legitimacy is questionable since the domain name was recently established. Therefore, if you are thinking of trying your luck on the website to win expensive electronics items, you should drop the idea. 

Therefore, people must do end-to-end research regarding this site to avoid any complications in the future.

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What are your views about this website? Kindly share your remarks in the comments.

29 thoughts on “Banbi Store Reviews (March 2022) Is This A Scam Portal?”

  1. First time I tried the mystery box, bought a smaller cheaper one, I used PayPal to pay as I do all my online purchases. The posting was fast but have yet to receive the item, I tracked it from a Chinese postal despatch so I’m assuming will take longer to get here, covoid19 as I have waited upto to a month for, Aliexpress items to arrive will update review later, but have had no probs getting money back, from ebay purchases using PayPal before.

    • Revv

      Noted your comment on Aliexpress

      You at least got your Items, my last two purchases from Aliexpress December 2021 never made it all to NSW, Australia

      At least getting your money back through Aliexpress is assured

      I have given up purchasing from Aliexpress, which is a pity as a purchase site I think it is far better than E-Bay

      • Hi, just wondering about your refund on the order that you placed. Thanks for informing others and that you have learned with this experience. Many shoppers will also understand such scams and keep reading. Take care.

  2. I that you for your information was a lot of help wish more people could do more reviews like this about this type of stuff cheers

    • Hello Carol Coddington, it is good you checked the review before any transaction. Yes, you said it right. More reviews will bring awareness amongst the buyers and can save money. Keep updating. Thanks. Take care.

      • Hi there sadly I thought it was legit as Ch 7 Tele station had it showing. I got earbuds also but sent them back but did not think to keep address. I have a tracking number posted June 7 but it’s still showing not delivered! As others said the buds were only worth about $20 odd au$s. I emailed and said I could of bought 3 lots of them. So like others scammed, which annoys me as I’m pretty careful when purchasing things via net.

  3. I bought the mystery box. It should read miserie box I payed $60au for a pair of $20au ear buds. That i shortly gave away. Do yourself a favour keep your $ in your pockets. I also waited over a month for delivery.

  4. I, foolishly, answered their advertisement . The goods never arrived even though the tracking said it had been delivered..
    I asked them for the name of the carrier, the POD and the size of the parcel.
    No proper answer – they just kept repeating that it ha been delivered.

  5. Banbi is definitely a scam. I purchased the surprise and mystery box. I received worthless ear buds you can buy for $6.00 and a cheap humidifier that I will probably throw in the bin. I went into this thinking it was a scam and I was right.

  6. Banbi is rip off you do not receive what is advertised just some cheap ear buds and tiny humidifier fir $86 AUS is charged as USD. You are unaware that product us from Banbi until you have paid. No 100% refund as advertised.. PayPal is also useless for refund.
    Do not order. You will be ripped off.

  7. Yes, a scam for sure, received ear buds and humidifier, complaint yielded an offer of 20 % discount or return at own expense for a refund, Yet to hear of anyone receiving anything else.

  8. On the site it claims that the item you purchase will be worth at least what you paid for the mystery box. I ordered the small one for $39.99 and got a pair of shitty Bluetooth earbuds that are on sale all over the web for $15. This place is a joke, avoid it at all cost!!

  9. I ordered both mystery boxes for a total of $64.98. After several emails requesting tracking information I received the items 23 days later. I received a $12 junk usb humidifier and a $14 pair of TWS junk earbuds. Have emailed them for a return shipping label so can return their junk to them and get a refund, but no response. Smartly I used PayPal to purchase so am filing a claim for my refund now and will throw these junk items in the trash. Do not waste your time or money with these people. Nothing but thieves!!!!

    • Hello Brad, Such a long gap and no response at all. It seems they are scammers. No single reply from their side, it clearly indicates stay away from them. It’s very bad, they cheat the buyers in such a way. Did you try to call them? Please let us know the details. Be careful. Take care.

  10. I was thinking of ordering until a read all these reviews which everyone seems to get the same things. Cheap ear buds and cheap USB humidifier.

    • Hello Brian, check if it comes to your address. Nowadays, they just showcase what they have sent but no actual product reaches the buyer. Please update. Thanks & regards. Be careful. Take care.

  11. Thank you all for the reviews. Very helpful as I was tempted to get a surprise box. Sorry for all your troubles.

    • Hello A. David Bertrand Bikoula Mekinda, Hopefully, you must have either received your product or you got to understand how they function. Please do share with us your experience. Stay Safe.

  12. Yeah, I should’ve known better… I was hoping at least for a POS cell phone but I got some garbage earbuds and a smart watch… Also POS. I should’ve known better. I usually check reviews and this is the one time I didn’t because I was kind of hoping for at least a cell phone. Do not waste your money. From all these other reviews up above me seems like everybody gets the same garbage earbuds. I can get these at dollar tree for $1.25.
    At least I didn’t get the garbage humidifier everybody is talking about!


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