Bagsbunker Reviews {May} Is This Website Legit Or Scam?

Bagsbunker Online Website Reviews

The article Bagsbunker Reviews offers insights into the online site review as well as detailed information about its approach to people.

 Do you want to feel unique in your fashion style? Are you looking for a curated product exclusively for you? Then this online shopping site in the United States helps you to fulfill your needs. And here is the article which discusses the genuine Bagsbunker Reviews and its general information 

Bags bunker site details

The main motto of this brand is to deliver trendy, curated products to the customers so that each product will have a signature design. They mostly got their inspiration from limited-edition and international products. They sell many featured products online, but their main product is different types of handbags.

Bagsbaunker products include,

  • Hip-hop bags
  • Carthorse bags
  • Lite bags
  • Bunker bags
  • Castilla bags
  • Concave bags
  • Stings bags
  • And some miscellaneous products like laptop stands, tundras, and nightstands.

Read the reviews and know Is Bagsbunker legit?


The digital world holds lots of amenities for us, but at the same time, they can also invite malware unknowingly, so it is always essential to analyze the website before placing an order with the company. 

  • Customers can purchase products at
  • Email address: support@ 
  • Contact address: Palm Coast, Florida 32137, United States, 26 Blairmore Place.
  • Phone number to call: +1 (901) 206-3298 
  • Contact name: Ian Banning
  • Social media activity: there are no accounts associated with social media.
  • Privacy policy: Shopify, inc. is the host of their privacy policy so that the personal information will be stored safely on their databases behind the firewall.
  • Customer reviews: Bagsbunker reviews cannot be seen on their website; only the ratings for each product are available.
  • Return policy: Customers can return their product free of charge, but they should return it within 21 days, and money will be refunded within 7 to 25 business days, depending on the payment mode.
  • Shipping policy: free shipping all over the world. But they charge the duty charge for international shipping.
  • Payment options: Only PayPal is available, and customers can use the PayPal credit facility.

Reviews cannot be seen online, though they have provided the contact details. It doesn’t seem like a legitimate one, so Bagsbunker Reviews requires further analysis.

Positive highlights

  • The website layout is user-friendly.
  • Free shipping for all products. They haven’t set a minimum order value for any products.
  • Detailed FAQ section for resolving issues

Negative highlights

  • Unrealistic discounts of up to 80% on all products
  • Customer reviews cannot be seen anywhere.
  • Inflexible payment options
  • All products are rated with 5-star ratings.
  • The actual price of the product is unavailable.

Is It Legit for real?

To trust the bagsbunker products and their company, they have to pass the credibility test so that the customers may buy from them without any doubts. Here in this section, the website undergoes further Is Bagsbunker legit observations and analyses.

  • Domain age: The domain was registered on April 20, 2022. So the website’s age is only one month and 10 days old.
  •  Domain expires on: April 20, 2023.
  • The Registrar’s name: the domain was registered under 123-Reg Limited.
  • Data safety: HTTP is detected
  • Website SEO score: 54%
  • Alexa global ranking: No longer available.
  • Plagiarism: their content is 50% plagiarised and 50% unique. It creates a valid suspicion of them.
  • Company name: It is not available.
  • Trust Score: It’s score is just 2% and that is very low.
  • Bagsbunker Reviews: Customer reviews are not available on their official website and other social media. Product reviews cannot be seen.

Reviews Of Bagsbunker

The customer comments and reviews cannot be seen on the website. Furthermore, all products are rated with 5-star a rating, which is highly doubtful and raises concerns about their products. All the products display 5-star ratings with 0 reviews. 

This website doesn’t seem legitimate, recommended for only experienced users, and even they should analyze it further before shopping. Readers can check out this helpful article on saving themselves from credit card scams.


Thus, the article Bagsbunker Reviews provided eye-opening information regarding the online website. The website has very high plagiarism, which means that they might have stolen the content from others, and their Alexa global ranking is not available, so this online site has failed to prove its credibility. 

So, people should be cautious about this site. For more shopping updates on bagsbunker. Readers can also read about the scams on paypal payments 

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