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Please read this article to explore the facts and story of how she turned out to be a millionaire and the facts behind the launch of Bad Grandma NFT. 

Have you heard of an artwork piece dedicated to the elders? How is this beneficial to the owners? What are NFTs, and how are the same user for the holders?

In this article, we will explore some facts for a grandma-based token that will help you with creative and profitable artworks. This is already hype in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and various other parts of the world.

Scroll down to the headers mentioned below in this article to get the details for Bad Grandma NFT and reveal the story behind the same.

What is the story behind this token?

Bad Grandma is the main character of this token as she was led out of her retirement house. She was introduced as an innocent character who was searching out for some limes. But Limes called for tequila shots, and this combination further led to bad decisions.

Grandma, too, made some bad decisions by making some bad friends, as this group of friends was not the one she rolled with at the retirement house.

This is, therefore, the plot for Bad Grandmafurther to be continued.

How did Grandma become a millionaire holding Bad Grandma NFT?

Grandma’s friends could not relate to her problems when she discussed sewing, candies, and other related terms. They did not understand her pain and complaints about hip and knee pain. Instead, they only understood her love for riding a scooter in the crowded Walmart.

Grandma pissed off from all the end, spotting the sign for the wet floor and deciding to make some extra money.

She has bought some ETH back in her old days when it cost only $12. Now, with changing times, she is a super millionaire leading to Bad Grandma NFT. 

What is the process to mint this token?

The user needs to have the Meta Mask wallet first to mint the tokens. This is, therefore, a crypto wallet that can easily be downloaded from the dedicated platform. It allows easy Ethereum purchases either with applied pay or debit/credit cards.

Rarity and Collection Factors:

This Grandma NFT combines 10,000 randomly generated collectibles that are further selected by the great-grandsons who love their grandma.

There are 129 attributes and 14 traits used to create this Bad Grandma NFT and are always rarer than other groups. Therefore, developers advise holding the NFT as this may reveal some surprises at the end.

Final Verdict:

Bad Grandma, as mentioned on their website, is not only a two-month hype. Therefore, this aims to educate the world, giving them essential details for the NFT. All the facts for the same have been discussed in the headers mentioned.

Would you please comment down your views about this article in the comments section below to help us know whether the initiative for Bad Grandma NFT was helpful for you or not.

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