Baby Formula Shortage Canada {May} Situation, Reasons!

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This article describes the ongoing scarcity of infant food parents face in North American countries. Read more about the Baby Formula Shortage Canada.  

Have you heard about the scarcity of infant food in North American countries? Keep reading till the end to understand the relevance of the topic and the impact of the lack of food on infants.

Parents from the United States and Canada are worried about the massive infant food shortage faced recently, and reports are flooding about the difficulties faced in finding the products.

Let’s have a deep look into the Baby Formula Shortage Canada and analyze the seriousness of the issue faced by parents and infants.

About The Baby Formula Shortfall

A shortage in the availability of baby formula is reported all over social media platforms by American and Canadian parents. The shortage of infant formula kept rising with time, raising concern among the parents of infants.

Retailers across these countries face a severe shortage of baby formula, and the suppliers find it extremely difficult to satisfy the massive demand available. Suppliers are putting great effort into providing and meeting the demand for the baby formula with the help of multiple brands.

Baby Formula Shortage Canada  

  • According to the official report, more than forty percent of infant formula was listed in the “out of stock” category.
  • Over 11,000 stores faced the issue of a supply shortage, as per USA Today and CNN reports.
  • The out-of-stock percentage of infant foods was between 2 to 8% during the beginning of 2021 and spiked above 40% recently.
  • Major retailers like CVS and Walgreens have limited the sale of baby formula to avoid stockpiling.
  • Parents are travelling from low-supply areas to find baby food for their kids.

Possible Reasons for Infant Formula Shortage

  • Baby Formula Shortage Canada is related to the recall of various products from Abbott Nutrition. As per the experts, it is pointed out to be a major cause for such a shortage.
  • Three major infant products got recalled in February 2022, following the reports of infant deaths and illness post-consumption of Abbott’s infant formula.
  • Parents who relied on the public benefits were also affected after the Abbott issue led to the recall of their instant formula.

Opinions On Current Shortage:

  • Michelle Pensa Branco, a lactation consultant of SafelyFed Canada, advised the parents to remain calm and avoid panic. Read more on Baby Formula Shortage Canada
  • Walmart also issued an official statement mentioning the shortage faced with the ongoing global challenges in recent years.
  • Danika Frey, a mother from Waterloo, said that she hadn’t seen the infant product brand that she used in February 2022.
  • Another parent informed Frey that he had to drive hours late at night searching for the baby formula.


Inadequate baby formula is a highly concerning issue that affects infants if a new supply chain is added or introduced. Infants require good nutritious food for their growth and development. To know more, kindly visit here.  

Have you read about the Baby Formula Shortage Canada? Mention your opinion below. 

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