Awpstore Reviews {Jan} Is This A Legitimate Website?

Awpstore Online Website Reviews

Read about Awpstore Reviews to know about the branded shoes sold at the highest discounts. Read to know if is legitimate? is an e-store that was launched Worldwide recently. Are you looking to buy branded shoes just by paying 30% of their original price? Such an offer looks tempting as you are saving 70%. Scammers take advantage of this customer behavior, and on, we find such offers. 

Did you know that has copied content from several sites? We bring you all the facts in Awpstore Reviews that point out if is a scam.

Brief: is a great example of a website part of a scamming network. is a replica of CvkStore, TopoptShop, RsrsStore, OnJordanStore, Nk90Store, NewSportsStore, NcgShop, MmkcShop, JamesiStore, IwgShop, ItdShop, FiiStore, Airf1Shop, Air95Sports, Air123Shop, 97VsShop, and many more. 

The email address is fake and mentioned on eleven different sites. Likewise, the physical address mentioned on the website is not traceable on maps and shows a different business establishment. sells branded shoes of the below brands at an unrealistic 70% discount:

  • Nike
  • Jordan and 
  • Adidas

All the Awpstore Reviews and specifications show that it is part of a global network of websites that carry scams under different website names. Let us look at its features more specifically below.


  • Buy shoes at:
  • Social media Links: included on the but not working.
  • Price: starts from $65.99.
  • Physical Address: 110 Ann Road, Harrow Essex, United Kingdom.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: blogs are not present on but, customer rating is present.
  • Terms and Conditions: not mentioned on
  • Privacy policy: mentioned on but copied from several sites.
  • Phone (or) whatsapp number: not given.
  • Store locator: Awpstore Reviews finds that does not feature a store locator on its website. Therefore, it may not have a physical store.
  • Delivery: The shoes are delivered within 9 days.
  • Shipping: It may take a max of 2 days to process the shipment.
  • Tracking: The tracking number will be emailed. The tracking number can be checked on third-party websites within 48 hours.
  • Return Policy: not mentioned. It is just informed on the website that there are a 30 days returns guarantee.
  • Refunds: Refund policy, timelines and mode of refund are not mentioned.
  • Help and FAQs: This section redirects you to the ‘contact us’ page. This factor is considered in Awpstore Reviews.
  • Email address:
  • Mode of Payment: in GBP, EUR and USD via PayPal and all major credit cards.
  • Newsletters: not supported by
  • Owner’s details: Melissa Taylor is registered as the owner of


  • There are not many advantages of shopping from except that it features branded shoes at 70% discounts


  • Poor design of with no sorting, searching and filtering options
  • Fake email and physical address found on
  • Content of is stolen from several sites
  • Poor specifications of shoes are given in unprofessional format, and most of the product pages are filled with images of shoes

Awpstore Reviews to check its Legitimacy

  • Creation: 13th January 2022 at 04:58:58 AM.
  • Last updated on: 13th January 2022 at 05:00:46 AM
  • Expiry: 13th January 2023 at 04:58:58 AM.
  • Age: 14 days old. 
  • Trust Index: AwpStore stands at a terrible trust rating of 1%.
  • Place of origin: The Country of Origin for is the United States.
  • Status of Blacklisting: is not blacklisted.
  • Connection Security: uses a secure and valid HTTPS protocol. 
  • Contact person: contact person for was not mentioned.
  • Social relations: is not found on social media sites.
  • Owner’s contact: The contact details of Melissa Taylor were not specified on

Customers Awpstore Reviews:

Product reviews present on are all positive and rated 5 stars. Hence, such reviews are fake. Three YouTube reviews suggest that is a scam. Likewise, four website reviews also suggested that it is a scam. 

Customer reviews and ratings were not found for on customer opinion sites. As is not present on social media, no reviews were found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

As takes PayPal payments, Read About PayPal Rackets.

Conclusion: is a scam as it is a replica of many other Domains, as concluded by Awpstore Reviews. has stolen content, terrible trust rank, short life expectancy. The email and the physical address are fake and featured on several sites. Refund policy is not discussed on Therefore, we do not recommend

As takes Credit Card payments, Read About Credit Card Rackets.

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4 thoughts on “Awpstore Reviews {Jan} Is This A Legitimate Website?

  1. seems to be a scam! they have the paypal payment interface on their website!!!! so I thought paypal would cover the 63 dollars if it was a fraud. being paypal has a business relationship with awpstore! NOT THE CASE! PAYPAL IS COMPLICIT WITH THIS SITE AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS!!!! What happened to paypal??? They told my claim was denied because it was not a “goods and services” transaction ?????? rather a “personal” transaction!!! What???/ Total dishonest bullshit by paypal!!!! the transaction went thru the paypal clearance and is listed on paypal, so they are 100 % complicit with awpstore and don’t care. I’ll never use paypal and their fraud affiliates ever again!!

  2. the company are scammers, I paid 120 dollars for the shoes, a package the size of a pen came, I didn’t pick up my order because it’s not the product I ordered. There is no contact with them – people, I warn you, do not buy anything from them, they are thieves who take advantage of the naivety of others.

    1. Hello Sebastian, when did you put your shoe order? And what about the tracking information from this site? Our honest suggestion is to cross-check everything, read other buyers’ comments, and then take your correct move. Please let us know further on the status of your purchase. Take care!

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