Austin Wordle {March 2022} Know All About The Gameplay!

The article describes the basic features and formulation of the Austin Wordle game. Gather information by reading the article.

Do you know Wordle? The word puzzles game that popularized in recent times. But do you know the new word puzzle game “Austin”?

As per our research, a father of a nine years old girl has discovered the kid’s version of the wordle puzzle game.

The news of the new game initiative has already spread in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia.

So, due to this reason, we want to reveal the junior word puzzle game – Austin Wordle

What Do You Know about Austin? 

Our research finds why the game’s name is after “Austin”. Actually, the nine-year-old girl and her father live in Austin city. 

Our extensive research finds that the new word game is inspired by the Wordle game. The new game follows similar primarily kinds of rules and regulations. 

But there is a slight regulatory difference between the two games. Wordle is preferable for the senior gamers, and the new word game strictly concentrates the kids and junior players. 

Our research finds that it is a main difference between the two games.

The Austin Game

Our research finds there is a small but inspiring story behind the game. As per our sources, Praneeth Mudiganti is a software engineer living in Austin with a nine-year-old daughter.

One day her daughter was playing the world-famous “Wordle” game. But the girl can’t proceed in the game due to various reasons. When Praneeth understood the problem, he initiated making a “Wordle” game for the kids.

Our research says Wordle is liked by millions of people. But the game is a little hard for the kids. Due to this reason, the Austin based software engineers have initiated the junior wordle game.

Austin Wordle – the Recent Trends  

Our research finds that in the “Wordle” game, the gamers will get 6 attempts to guess the word five letter word. 

The new kid’s Wordle game follows similar regulations with some variations. But it is only for the kids. Due to this reason, the new game is famous as “Junior Wordle” in the United States and Canada. 

Our extensive analysis says the game’s creator is making the word puzzle for the kids only. So, the kids also explore the word puzzle game and learn English words via Austin Game

Why the Game is Trending

As per our research, the “Wordle” game is already top-rated for world gamers. Due to the creation of junior wordle games, millions of kids can easily play word games because the game is trending. 


In the Wordle game, the players can avail themselves of seven attempts for the kinds. The kids need to guess four letter words instead of 5 letter words. 

Our exclusive study finds the game has already earned 2000 users in around 33 countries. So we can say Austin Wordle has gotten a good response recently. You can check the link to know more about the game. Did your kids try the game? Please comment.   

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