Auburn Football Schedule Review: What Was The Score Yesterday, Did They Win Last Night? Check Highlights!

This post about Auburn Football Schedule Review informs readers about the game that always entices users worldwide and has already made a massive beginning.

Is this the period of Auburn football? Yes, Auburn football has already begun. But, football at Auburn is about to start. Once the Tigers visited Mercer during the first week of September, Bryan Harsin made his Plains debut.

Football lovers across the United States and other world areas are excited to know the schedule to follow their favorite game. Also, check out a few more facts about Auburn Football Schedule Review.

About Auburn Football:

Jordan-hosting Hare’s of the initial five games provides a special touch. Supporters had become energized by a strong beginning. However, the reputation Harsin worked so hard to establish throughout the summer and spring will be quickly destroyed if Auburn had a terrible start.

Many reviews stated that sports remain the most important element even though the transfer portal and NIL are altering the globe. The outcome of this season will determine Harsin’s fate and the squad’s course. There are many reviews about the game, with people sharing their predictions about the winner and the player’s scores. 

Auburn Football Score Yesterday:

The score for Auburn Football for September 11, 2022, was as follows:

  • In the finals, San Jose State was at 16 and Auburn at 24. 
  • San Jose State Spartans – 1-0, 2- 10, 3-0, 4-6- Total = 16.
  • Auburn Tigers – 1-0, 2- 7, 3-10, 4-7- Total = 26.

Recently, Tank Bigsby, Jarquez Hunter, and T.J. Finley scored touchdowns while rushing, and Auburn hung on to defeat San Jose State by 24-16.

The San Jose Spartans 1-1 led 10-7 at halfway before the Auburn Tigers scored 2-0 three times during the second half. So, Did Auburn Win Last Night? Although Auburn Tigers found it difficult to send off the stronger, they won on September 11, 2022.

The schedule for Auburn Football:

Penn State- September 17, 2022- The rumor is that Auburn will be wise to maintain quarterback Sean Clifford in a slightly subdued role than the 28-for-32 output from the previous season. Additionally, Auburn should pass the ball to Tank Bigsby near the goal line.

Missouri- September 24, 2022- The rumor is that Eli Drinkwitz, who came up through the teaching ladders of Bryan Harsin, Gus Malzahn, and Gene Chizik, will make his debut appearance at Hare-Jordan. It is this one when there is an SEC game that Auburn absolutely must beat.

Auburn Football Highlights:

Technically, Auburn is up versus Mercer. After receiving the opening kick, the Auburn Tigers went on a 68-yard, 11-play, scoring drive that was capped off by defensive back Jarquez Hunter’s 19-yard touchdown. 

TJ Finley, the quarterback, completed 24 yards’ 3 of 4 throws to Tank Bigsby, Ja’Varrius Johnson, and Malcolm Johnson Jr. Auburn went a flawless 3-for-3 on the 3rd down. You can tap here for more information about Auburn Football.


Auburn Football, which started on September 3, 2022, will last until November 26, 2022. Its highlights are available almost everywhere on the net. Auburn Football Schedule Reviewstates that the Auburn Tigers might be the winner since they had succeeded recently over San Jose State Spartans.

Are you following Auburn Football? Share your prediction about the Auburn Football winner in the comment box.

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