AT&T Free Message Spam (Sep) Stay Alert & Avoid Scam!

The guide shares details about the new AT&T Free Message Spam and the methods to report it.   

AT&T is the famous and most-liked mobile network provider in the United States, and the majority of Americans use this mobile network. However, recently the network provider has been in the news as scammers are using the brand name of AT&T and sending scam text messages to millions of subscribers across America.

Subscribers are receiving spam messages that claim to offer rewards and free gifts to the users for bills they have paid. AT&T Free Message Spam comprises a suspicious link, and it urges the recipients to click on it to claim the rewards.

But, it is a scam and must be avoided. 

What is AT&T Free Message Scam?

AT&T Free Message Scam is the new online scam targeting millions of AT&T subscribers in the United States. The subscribers are getting spam messages from online scammers containing suspicious links. Upon clicking the link, they are redirected to another third-party site where they are asked to share their details to claim the associated gifts and rewards. 

The spam text messages are targeting many users of AT&T and claiming to offer them rewards and gifts for the paid bill of last month. 

How do you tell if a scammer is texting you?

There are certain signs of fake and spam messages, and if you react promptly, you can stay protected. You must know the signs to spot spam text messages. Some of these signs include:

  • Check the number to see if it is unidentified or unknown or it is related to AT&T business. 
  • You must not trust any spam message that claims to offer raffle prizes with easy cash rewards. These are spam text scams.
  • If the text message claims to offer you fake refunds and rewards, then it is surely an AT&T Free Message Spam

These are some of the signs to spot-free spam text messages. If you are equipped with the right knowledge, you can easily spot scam text messages. 

What are the Steps to Stop AT&T Spam Texts?

To reduce the spam text messages from AT&T, you have to follow certain steps. Below are some of the steps to stop AT&T Spam Texts.

  • Reply to AT&T with short-code “STOP” to prevent future spam messages.
  • Block text messages and calls from that specific unidentified known by using the AT&T Call Protect feature. 
  • If you are continuously receiving text messages, report them to the customer support team of AT&T and the Anti-Phishing Working Group of the Federal Trade Commission.   

These are the tips on How do I stop spam texts AT&T.

What is AT&T Doing for the Spam Texts?

If you are continuously receiving the spam text, report it to 7726 (SPAM). The message will be free, and the SPAM department will look further into the matter. 

AT&T has also developed AT&T Mobile Security App for Android that scans the devices and apps for potential spyware. It will keep your device protected and prevents spammers from targeting your device for injecting malware. 


AT&T is aware of the phishing text scams, and they are working continuously on it to prevent subscribers from falling prey to these scams. People asking What does AT&T do about spam texts must know that they have designed mobile security app and also started the SPAM department to investigate the complaints from subscribers. Would you please ensure to stay equipped with the tips on how to protect yourself from an online scam?      

Are you receiving the AT&T spam text messages? Please, share how you have reported the spam text in the comment section.

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