Astrea Water Bottle Reviews {March} Check If It Is Legit

The below write-up helps you identify all the essential details to check this portal’s legitimacy and Astrea Water Bottle Reviews.

Are you worried about your drinking water purity consistency? Many people are travelling lovers, so they are worried about water purity as they need to fill water from various places. Therefore, we would like to ask: “Have you heard of” As per our findings, this website deals in filter bottles. 

Therefore, many people from different nations, especially the United States, are looking around to check its legitimacy. So let’s start by overviewing this site and Astrea Water Bottle Reviews.


This site claims to sell water filtering bottles. These bottles are easy to use and carry. And, if you are exhausted from losing your bottle caps, you will be free now as they provide attached lid bottles. 

They have provided pricing and details for the product and an easy link to purchase the product of your choice from “Amazon.” They are giving pop-mum information for the hazards caused due to polluted and impure water. Let’s go through the specifications for further site details: Is Astrea Water Bottle Legit. 


  • Domain name –
  • URL –
  • Contact number – number not given, you can only fill up your details and then they will contact you. 
  • Email –
  • Privacy policy – they only take details to process your order. They are asking for no other personal information. 
  • Shipping & Delivery protocol – not given on the official page; you need to click on the amazon link for details, pricing and delivery of the product. 
  • Return & Refunds – 30 days return and shipping cost for the return will be bear by the customer. 
  • Address – Strix (USA), Inc., 1725 220th st se, suite 103, Bothell, WA 98021.

Now, let’s discuss some positive and negative aspects before discussing Astrea Water Bottle Reviews.


  • The product purchasing is linked to Amazon, a trusted rating site. 
  • Giving a 30-days return policy. 
  • Video for using the product is given for easy access. 
  • The domain is quite old, hence can be trusted. 
  • The website is HTTPS security protected.
  • Social media links are active for this portal.


  • Return product shipping has to be bear by the customer. 
  • The owner’s details are hidden under WHOIS paid services. 

Here we found that the pros are looking superior to cons, but for more detailed endorsement about its legitimacy, let us give you details for each factor separately. 

Is Astrea Water Bottle Legit

  • Domain age – domain created date is quite old, i.e., created on 7th March 2017. 
  • Domain expiry details – more than a year is left to expire this domain, i.e., will expire on 7th March 2024. 
  • Trust Index – it has a super trust index, i.e., 100 out of 100. 
  • Trust Score – it is too found with more than an average rating, i.e., 76%.
  • Proximity to the suspicious site – it also has gained an excellent scoring, only 3 out of 100. 
  • Alexa Ranking – Unfortunately, Alexa fails to give scoring for this portal. 
  • Other site connectivity – This site’s products are directly linked to the Amazon portal for customers’ purchasing. 
  • Astrea Water Bottle Reviews – this site does not contain reviews.
  • Blacklisted status – the site has not been detected by any blacklisted engine. 
  • Owner’s identification – found hidden under-paid WHOIS services. 
  • Social Media connectivity – the links for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook found actively present on the official platform.

As per the above details, the site seems quite legit. But, still, we cannot ignore that the owner of this portal is using paid services to hide his identification. Therefore, we need to discuss the customer’s feedback for crystal-clear information about those who have already availed of its services.

Astrea Water Bottle Reviews

As per our thoughts, we can say that the reviews make a website transparent for easy access for the customers. But unfortunately, the official website and other trusted website reviewing portals fail to give any feedback for this platform, even though it is a pretty old portal. 

But, as this website has active social links and Amazon connectivity, we have found various positive feedback from the customer, as they are happy with the services and quality of the product. Additionally, know How to Get Refund From Paypal for Item Not Received?


Based on Astrea Water Bottle Reviews, we can say that the website has many positive factors to claim it is a legit portal. But, still, we suggest our readers invest in it after analyzing all the factors from their end. Also, use direct access to amazon for this website’s product instead of accessing through it. 

Additionally, comment below for your suggestion on this website. Further, click here to know How To Avoid Online Scam!

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