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The news article about the Arlington Bus Accident shares details like what happened, the consequence, and where the investigation progressed.

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, but some accidents draw the attention of everyone. Have you heard of the school bus accident that took place yesterday? There was a head-on collision between a police van and an Arlington School district bus.

While some people of the United States wanted to know about the incident, others who already knew prayed for everyone involved in the accident. Let us discuss the incident and related information on Arlington Bus Accident in detail.

What was the accident about- what happened?

A state police Ford Explorer SUV and a school bus collided at the joint of two roads. While the vehicle had operational airbag deployment, the school bus had a driver and 3-5 students. Soon after the accident took place, there was chaos on the highway, and immediately everyone came to support the injured person.

Students, driver and the trooper were taken to the hospital. Both directional route 82 and route 55 remained closed for about three hours following the incident. In addition, the bus and the police car were severely damaged after the Arlington Bus Accident took place.                         

Where and when did the incident take place?

This fatal accident took place at the intersection of South Cross Road in LaGrange and State Route 55. The accident occurred nearly about 3:12 p.m. on Tuesday, March 08 2022. The relaxing news is that the bus was not fully occupied but only with a few students and a driver.

Meanwhile, the locals who witnessed the accident said the State Trooper was driving an SUV. Nearly at 3:40 p.m., one patient was taken to the MidHudson Regional Hospital in the Advanced Life Support system. LaGrange Fire Chief gave this information.

What were the consequences of the Arlington Bus Accident?

In the collision between the bus and patrolling car, a school bus monitor was killed. Moreover, two young students on the bus were hurt, and two more people were injured. After the accident took place nearly about 3:30 p.m., a Union Valley Fire service was called for help.

In addition, an ambulance from Empress, Arlington firemen, a LaGrange ambulance, and an ambulance from the Town of Wappinger also reached the accident spot to help. Moreover, the reason for Collison and whose mistake took the life of the bus monitor is still under investigation.

Response from the school:

After hearing about the Arlington Bus Accident, the school Superintendent said, we are deeply sad and inform you that we have lost our bus monitor in the accident. He also added that our prayers are with the family and his friends. Additionally, he insists others join him to send heartfelt condolences. Moreover, he also assured to continue his support to the family members of the bus monitor during the days ahead.

There is also a helpline number available for students and staff members who need assistance. The contact number is 845-485-9700. 


For any help related to Arlington Bus Accident, Counsellors will be available between 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on March 09. You can visit them at Arlington and LaGrange bus garages. You can read more about the Arlington School bus accident here.

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