Arlana Miller Suicide: Was Southern University Cheerleader Commits Suicide in 2022 & Dead?

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This article is based on the tragic incident of Arlana Miller Suicide. To get complete details, follow this article.

Have you heard about the death of Arlana Miller from the Southern University. It is assumed that the cheerleader has committed suicide. She is based in the United States and her death was a tragic incident that occurred recently. 

Arlana Miller Suicide was assumed as she left a suicide note on her Instagram. Follow this article till the end to know the reason behind this tragic death and also find out if it was a suicide or not. 

Arlana Miller

Arlana was around 20-25 years of age. She was based in the United States and she was a student of the Southern University. She was a popular cheerleader in her college. On 4th May 2022, the news of her death came into news. Her Instagram page mentions her name as ‘Lanaawanna.’

Her death has put her closed friends and family in utter shock. To know more about Arlana Miller Southern University Cheerleader Suicide 2022 stay tuned into this article till the end and get all your answers. 

How did Arlana die? 

Arlana’s death has followed with saddening the society. The actual reason of Arlana’s death hasn’t yet known but it is said that she shared a suicide note on her Instagram account, called Lanaawanna. Her dead body was found in Mississippi River. Dria Derricho has announced the news of Arlana’s death on facebook, which was followed by a suicide letter on Instagram. She seemed lonely and she had spoken about her struggles since a long time. Her letter was emotionally disturbing for her loved ones. 

Cheerleader Commits Suicide note

Before she died, it is said that she has shared a suicide note on Instagram. In her suicide note, she has mentioned gratitude towards all her closed ones who stood by her in her tough times. She says that she went through a lot without letting others know about her feelings. She also said in that note that she has written many suicide notes in the recent time but this was supposed to be her last as she couldn’t bear anymore. 

She has also written for her mother with utmost love that she has tried her best to make Arlana happy and Southern University Cheerleader Dead news could break her. In the end she has apologized to her loved ones for this step and she has taken this step after a lot of tolerance. For more details, you can follow this link given.  


Arlana’s death has caused a sudden shock to her fellows as she was loved by all. She wanted to keep everyone happy in her life. At such a young age, she had taken such step which disheartens her family and friends. You find more information in this article about Arlana Miller Suicide, her life and how she ended up taking this step.

Did you get all your answers in this article? Kindly share your notions with us, it would make us happy. 

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