Arizona Car Chase Ends In Suicide: Was Arizona Car Chase happened on 9/28/12? Was it a Suicide?

Latest News Arizona Car Chase Ends In Suicide

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Do you remember the stowaway story of 2012, which spread like wildfire? Do you know what happened on Fox News Channel? If not, don’t hesitate, as we are here to tell you about one of the most famous suicides. This incident happened in Arizona, which is in the United States region. 

There was a hijacker whom police were chasing, and that hunt stopped with suicide on live TV. This incident is majorly known as Arizona Car Chase Ends In SuicideLet’s see what exactly happened and why it’s been trending now. 

Why does Arizona Suicide happen? 

This famous suicide took place by Jodon Romero, a 33 years old man. He was a serial prisoner wanted for several violent violations. He was running from the police in a stolen car, and things went wrong. 

He was shooting at police cars, so the police department stopped behind, and the Chopper took the responsibility of chasing. That high-speed chase ceased when Jodon got out of the car and shot himself. 

What Chopper Did in Arizona Car Chase 9/28/12

The Chopper, following the victim, belonged to Fox News Channel. The Fox News helicopter circled the hunt along I-10 outside nearly 75 leagues from the California perimeter.

The camera from the helicopter apprehended the juncture; the race terminated with the man staggering out of a rosy SUV into a green region. He got into his band and drew a pistol. 

He then shot himself in the head, which Fox trimmed away from the shot soon after the man shot himself and went to saleable pauses.

Why is Arizona Car Chase Ends In Suicide Trending? 

Suicide is the 10th directing reason of death in the United States. At the same time, many people believe that most suicides tend to occur in the spring, April, May, and June. Specifically, Arizona has an increased suicide rate. This situation even leads to prevention awareness efforts. 

As per the reports, 1,327 deaths occurred by suicide in Arizona last year. All this data and information led people to think about the suicide which happened long back on live TV. That’s why it’s trending. 

Why is Fox News Apologetic Afterwards? 

They were highly apologetic for broadcasting Arizona Car Chase Suicide. Publicizing suicides on television or social media can influence people badly. In many regions, this topic is a public health concern. That’s why the Fox channel apologized. They called this mistake insensitive and wrong. 

They said they took every protection to avert any such living occurrence by settling the Chopper on a 5 seconds delay. Unfortunately, this blunder was the finding of a serious mortal omission, and they apologized for what spectators eventually saw on the network.


As a final verdict, Arizona Car Chase Ends In Suicide was an unusual thing that happened on screen. News channels usually avoid capturing such moments or censoring them. But that was an absolute mistake for which they apologized too. 

All the collected information here is based on internet research. Moreover, click here to know the full incident. What are your opinions? Please comment.

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