Are Electric Motorcycles Really Better for The Environment?

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With the advent of technology, several day-to-day life objects have been replaced. One such drastic change was the introduction of electric motorcycles. These were introduced as an alternative to the usual motorcycle to reduce the emission of gases and the usage of fuels. Though it carries numerous benefits, not many people know the cons. Here we bring you the description, pros, and cons of the never-ending question: Are electric motorcycles really better for the environment? 

What are electric motorcycles?

Electric motorcycles appear strikingly similar to standard motorcycles. Thus, you won’t be able to differentiate between them at first glance. But you can feel the difference while operating them. As the name suggests, electric motorcycles are motorcycles that run on batteries. You have to charge the battery to operate it. The engineers have designed the batteries to be durable and long-lasting. Electric motorcycles do not cause noise pollution in any situation. Also, electric motorcycles are much faster than usual motorcycles. Even though these features are enough to buy electric motorcycles, the doubt about are electric motorcycles really better for the environment


  • No gas emission
  • No noise pollution
  • High-speed guarantee 
  • Durable
  • Zero fuel consumption 
  • Less manufacturing costs concerning the environment
  • Less maintenance 

All these factors make electric motorcycles a good one-time investment. Still, it does not answer the question of are electric motorcycles really better for the environment. 

  • Battery production

We cannot deny that if the world shifts to electric motorcycles shortly, there will be a shortage of batteries. For the unaware, the production of batteries requires cobalt, lithium, and several other natural elements in huge quantities. The extraction process of these minerals is quite tedious and would need gallons of water. 

  • Recycling the batteries

This was an alternative suggested by several bike experts. Recycling old lithium batteries may feel like a good option. But in reality, it would require substantial manufacturing sites to ensure that the process is carried out safely for the environment and the residents. The stakes and challenges involved are humongous. This point will provide clarity on are electric motorcycles really better for the environment. 

  • Charging points

It is undeniable that these motorcycles would eventually need lakhs of charging points, which would generate even more e-waste. There would be a demand for more charging points than petrol pumps, which can worsen the matter as electricity is used extensively. The electric grid would be almost exhausted with so many electric vehicles taking over the world. The use of windmills and turbines would begin, and soon, they can also get exhausted. Generating new ones could also generate monolithic e-waste. 


It is a common misconception that only global warming through the emission of gases is harmful to the environment. Often things like these are ignored and shoved under the carpet to avoid debates and controversies. In a broader aspect, this type of pollution is even worse than gas emission as recycling batteries in a residential area can be fatal for the people.

If the world turns electric entirely, it can collapse the entire electricity grid. The natural minerals would get exhausted instead of being protected. For now, there is no danger. You can operate these electric motorcycles as they reduce gas emissions. Scientists are working tediously to find a solution to the batteries and electricity issues. Electric motorcycles will be the king of all vehicles if this issue is somehow solved. 

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