Arceus Shaymin Legends {Feb} Find Catching Ways Here!

Learn how you can get the one and only Arceus Shaymin Legends and how to capture this extremely rare Pokemon. Know which drops have Shaymin in them?

Shaymin is one of the most adorable and uniquely designed Pokemon in all of the pantheon of creatures. They are mythical and camouflage themselves in the wild, making them difficult to find. For Shaymin Legends, everyone Worldwide wants to catch one of these cuddly creatures and help them evolve.

The incredible sweet nature and ability of Arceus Shaymin Legends to charm just about anyone has made them being dubbed as gratitude Pokemon. This article goes over all the ways you can get them and their different evolutions through the game.

About Pokemon Arceus

Since the inception of the Pokemon, ideas of exploration and being in nature are something they have leaned on. However, even if the users have roamed the forests looking for Pokemon, it has never been an open-world exploration game. You still have to go from one place to another, skill up and fight some Pokemon to gain points. However, Pokemon Arceus has revamped its core and brought new light to it.

How to catch Arceus Shaymin Legends?

You have to take on a special task from Professor Laventon’s task board helping you meet Medi, a member of the diamond clan. It will guide you to a token of gratitude mission, helping you find the Pokemon that once saved her. Medi will present you with a Gracidea flower to take them to Obsidian Fieldlands.

Here you will see dead flowers revive, showcasing Shaymin, and the chase begins. You might have to run after it for a while before you can catch them. In  Arceus Shaymin LegendsIt is surprisingly easy to defeat them once in a battle and can be a nice domestic companion with you.

Different forms of Shaymin

There are essentially two forms of Shaymin in the Pokemon game, and they generally don’t tend to evolve or breed. The first form is a landform, and it is their natural way of being. When needing something to eat or come at nightfall, they always return to the original form on the land to sleep. The other form is a flying creature, which resembles a bush of flowers in the air. Gracidea flowers are the reason they can change between forms in the first place.

Drops in Arceus Shaymin Legends

Three types of drops occur in the game, which the users can look for to find themselves the adorable creature. The first one which has a one hundred percent chance of success is the Grid Poppy. You are likely to get 1 Shaymin, but there is a better chance. The second is Grass block with a fifty-fifty percent chance of getting a Shaymin in the game. The third drop and final with the rarest chance is Gracidea, with a minimum of 5 percent chance.


You have now learned everything there is to know about how to get Arceus Shaymin Legends and the multiple types of forms it can take. The creature is simply one of the most beloved young adult fans due to its shyness and rarity. I have a lot of gratitude for the game and this creature that is a whole lot of fun to behave.

Learn more about Shaymin and its history by reading this wiki page

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