Apple ID Text Scam (Sep 2021) Stay Alert & Avoid Scam!

The guide shares details about the new Apple ID Text Scam messages and the methods to spot them.

Apple devices are acclaimed globally for their impassable security. But, no system in the world is immune to scams and frauds. Even Apple users and devices fall prey to online scams and frauds. In addition, iPhone and other iOS devices get viruses.

The most common way to inject viruses into the system or device is via scam text messages with suspicious links. Users in the United States and the United Kingdom encounter a new Apple ID Text Scam that attempts to steal their Apple ID & password. It is estimated that millions of people fall prey to these text message scams every year.   

What is Apple ID Text Message Scam?

Apple ID Text Message Scam is the new phishing or smishing where hackers and scammers are tricking Apple users into stealing their details, like Social Security Number and passwords. 

The scam is committed by sending text messages and emails, and other group messages that look like coming from Apple. The message comprises a link, and it urges the recipients to click on the link, which redirects them to the spoofed site where data is stolen and secured. 

So, users must stay alert of such Apple ID Scam Text Message and avoid clicking on any suspicious link they receive via email or text messages.   

How does Apple ID Scam Works?

Text messages and spoofed emails are the common ways to do scams as it is the easiest way to pull off and needs no programming skills. 

The Apple ID Scam works by sending you spoofed emails and text messages on your Apple device asking you to click on a suspicious link, redirecting you to another third-party website where you will be asked to share your Apple ID and password other personal details. As you share those details, they get stored into their server, and they do scam with them later without your consent.    

How to Spot the Apple ID Text Scam?

Scammers may get sophisticated in doing online scams, but you can easily spot the text scams with promptness and skills. Here are a few steps to stop the scam text messages:

  • Spoofed Address – You must check the source and destination of the text messages and ensure that it is from Apple Inc. If you see anything suspicious in the address, ignore the text message and delete it.
  • Vague Welcoming – Legal and reputed companies always address the recipients with full name and scammers address in a generic way like a dear friend, etc. So, check the way send is greeting you in the Apple ID Scam Text Message.
  • Grammar Errors and Spelling Mistakes – There will be no grammatical or spelling mistakes in text messages from a reputed company. 
  • Urgency – The scam messages always generate a false sense of urgency and manipulate emotionally    

What Steps to Take?

If you receive any such scam text message, report it immediately to You may also report the text scam to Federal Trade Commission. 

Closing Thoughts

Today, scammers are getting very sophisticated and doing scams using different methods. Scammers target Apple users to steal with Apple ID and password. If you have received an Apple ID Text Scam message, report it immediately to the authorities at Federal Trade Commission.

It is essential to stay alert and equipped with tips on how to protect yourself from a scam.

Have you received any scam text messages on your Apple device? Would you mind sharing the steps to report the scam in the comment box?

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