Appaso Reviews {Feb 2022} Is It Legit Seller Or Not?

This article, Appaso Reviews, is meant to inform you about the critical hidden facts about the site so that your decision would be more objective.  

Do you want to modernize your kitchen and bathroom by replacing the old things? Are your faucet and its related parts working up to the mark? If not, and you are actively looking for affordable faucets, then stay with this article. 

As per our research, the brand Appaso is shipping its products to the people of the United States and some other countries.

Keep reading this Appaso Reviews write-up to know the other significant facts about its legitimacy.

About Appaso:

It is an online store selling modern and differently designed faucets. As per the site, it was founded in 2008 with the vision to produce specialized faucets. 

It states its dream to provide families with high-quality faucets at the minimum cost at their doorsteps. 

The steps of product creation are as follows:

  • Product design and 3D mold,
  • Mold design and manufacturing,
  • Combustion Casting and Gravity Casting,
  • Water excising and Polishing,
  • Test and Double quality check,
  • Packaging.

Is Appaso Legit or not? There are other details about the site. For example, the categories of products available on the site are:

  • Kitchen (Faucet, Sink),
  • Bathroom (Shower Faucet and Bathroom Faucet),
  • Faucet Accessories.

Apart from the US, the brand also ships to countries such as France and Germany with certain limitations, as per its policies.

Specifications of Appaso:

  • Domain age: – The site is around nine years old, created on 11th May 2013.
  • Url: –
  • Category: E-commerce store, as per our research for Appaso Reviews.
  • (for after sales); (for pre sales).
  • Phone: 7028862182 (message only)
  • Address: 5140 Rogers St Suite D Las Vegas, NV 89118, USA.
  • Payment Options: – AmEx, PayPal, Visa, among others.
  • Return Policy: The customers can return the product within 90 days.
  • Refund Policy: The Company will mail back after confirmation of the product eligibility for the refund within 1-3 business days. And if the product is eligible for a refund, the customer will receive a payment within the next 2-3 business days of the last confirmation mail. 
  • Total Delivery time: 5-10 business days (standard time)
  • Shipping policy: – Free shipping. 

Pros of the site for Appaso Reviews:

  • The site is designed and maintained reasonably well.
  • Products listed on the site are customer-friendly with sufficient descriptions.
  • The site has essential protection of customer data.
  • The policies are well-stated.
  • There are a good number of customer reviews available.

Cons of the site:

  • The site has no zero Alexa ranking.
  • SSL certificates of the site are full of errors.
  • The trust score of the site is almost zero.
  • There is a stark disparity between reviews listed on the site and given on social media by the users.
  • Social media following and interaction of the brand are not encouraging.

Is Appaso legit?

The pros and cons for the site are not giving a conclusive signal to the customer. So to get the decision-making points to, follow the below check-points.

  • Website Trust Score: the site has zero trust score. It means no other site trust it.
  • Alexa Ranking: as per the Alexa ranking, the site ranked zero, which makes no sense. And that inspires suspicion for the site.
  • Customers’ Reviews: there is an apparent disparity in reviews listed on the site and social media platforms, as per our research for Appaso Reviews
  • Social Media Links: Sufficient social media links are given on the site. But there is shallow interaction between customers and the brand.
  • Website Age: The site is nine years old. But the low reach of the brand does not reflect that it is nine years old.

The site could be a scam as none of the above points suggest it as a trustworthy payment site.

Customer Reviews:

Our thorough research found a mismatch in the reviews listed on the site and social media platforms, which shows that the company manipulated the reviews available.

 So, if you want to learn about Credit Card Payment Scams, please go through the following facts.


To sum up Appaso Reviews, the products available on the site are pretty appealing and affordable. But not above the online safety. So decide cautiously.

If the above words helped you in any way, please let us know your feedback by commenting.

And do tell us, how would you like to modernize your kitchen?

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