Apex Anniversary 2022 Event (Feb) Know All Details Here!

This write-up below entails complete interesting facts about  Apex Anniversary 2022 Event to let gamers and readers know about the rewards and takeaways.

Are you waiting for the Anniversary event of Apex? Do you want to know about the rewards and challenges of the Apex event?

Several gamers across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world are looking for the Apex Event 2022

To end your wait and increase your excitement, we bring you the Apex Anniversary 2022 Event details through the guide below.

When would Apex Event begin?

The collection Event’s third Anniversary for Apex Legends is rumored to begin on February 15, 2022. As shown on Apex Content, it will have a lot of new Legendary and Epic cosmetics to purchase within a week following the beginning of Season 12.

Bloodhound’s new Prestige Skin, initially shown in the Apex Legends Season 12 game’s clip, is the most intriguing update. But, unfortunately, it would be a bit more challenging to obtain it. You may keep reading to find more about the event in the coming sections.

How to get the rewards for the Apex Anniversary 2022 Event?

The new beautiful skin for Bloodhound is the prize for acquiring every 24 Anniversary Collection Event item. You may purchase every event goods separately utilizing Crafting Materials or Apex Coins, just as in past Collection Events.

Besides, you may purchase event packs that would award you unusual things from the occasion pools.

How to unlock tiers in the Apex event?

Another Apex Content video clip shows that the Prestige Skin of Bloodhound appears to have upgradeable tiers, unlike an heirloom.

You can easily acquire the first tier in Apex Anniversary 2022 Event by winning the skin during the Collection Event of its Anniversary. 

Then, you need to perform tasks to unlock further tiers for free. Also, you may unlock more executions for Bloodhound after you achieve the third tier.

Correspondingly, doing 100 000 and 30 000 damages are the conditions to unlock and acquire the third and second tiers.

Will it take time to complete challenges for the final tier?

For most gamers, accomplishing the challenges will take a long time. Fortunately, when you unlock the skin, you will have limitless time to complete the prerequisites. 

Hence, you don’t need to hurry to get to the final tier in Apex Anniversary 2022 Event

How to get the Bloodhound Prestige Skin?

For the time being, the only option to get the Bloodhound Prestige Skin is to participate in the Collection Event of its Anniversary. 

The current and future Prestige Skins may probably be purchased with a payment like the heirlooms are now purchased with heirloom shards, although Respawn has not confirmed this.


Apex Legends are ready for its anniversary as it always does. It is the third anniversary, and Respawn celebrates it in style with 3 weeks of rewards and free items.

Apex, launched in 2019, provides 4 major seasonal updates for players worldwide, with various Town Takeovers and Collection Events, including Apex Anniversary 2022 Event.

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