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This article provides information to readers who want to know the Apaid Wordle meaning and look for the Wordle’s correct answer.

Are you stuck on the final attempt of your wordle game? Do you want to know whether going with the Apaid option as the definitive answer is a correct choice or not? Users from Australia, India and many other countries want to know the correct answer to today’s wordle game. 

If searching for the correct answer leads you here, you have come to the right article. Here, we will tell you about the confusion regarding Apaid Wordle and the correct answer to today’s wordle game.

What’s the correct answer to today’s Wordle game?

Millions of Wordle users are stuck on the last attempt today because they couldn’t think of the correct answer. Well, one thing is clear Apaid is not the right answer and those who have selected Apaid as the answer to their final attempt lose the game. 

As the Wordle game level increases, it becomes difficult for the users to guess the right word. The correct answer for today’s Wordle game is Aphid. Let’s know about the word in detail. 

Is Apaid a Word or not?

Yes, apaid is a word which means satisfied, pleased and rewarded. It is a middle English word from words like apayen and apaien. However, it would be best for you to check the examples of Apaid words on the internet to get better knowledge about the term and its usage in a sentence. 

Wordle is an excellent platform for users to learn about new words and improve their vocabulary. If the word is not legit, a message will pop up on the screen that says ‘the word is not listed’. 

Apaid Wordle– What’s the meaning of APHID?

We know that Apaid is not the correct answer to today’s wordle game, so let’s know in detail about the right answer, i.e., Aphid. Aphid is used for numerous soft-bodied homopterous insects that take juices from the plants as their meals. 

It’s a difficult word to guess as it doesn’t commonly used by people in their conversation, and that’s why many users have lost their winning streak because they couldn’t think of the right word. 

Is Apaid connected to Quordle answers? 

After checking out the Apaid Definition and everything related to the word, it is confirmed that Apaid is a legitimate word. However, it’s not the correct answer for the Wordle game, but there are chances it can be one of the right answers for the quordle game. 

Our research team find out the answers to today’s quordle game; unfortunately, Apaid isn’t on the list. The correct answers of quordle are:

  • Godly
  • Bunny
  • Music 
  • Banal 

It’s better to keep a check on different words as you never know when will your vocabulary proves to be helpful. 

Final Words

As the users of Wordle are increasing rapidly, the game is getting more laborious too. Wordle is challenging people with Apaid Wordle and other similar words to make them improve their mental power and gather more information related to new comments.

What’s your favorite quiz game? Please share your answer with us.

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