Antonio Brown Snapchat Video: What Statement Has Been Given For the Content Went Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter? Read Here!

The article discusses Antonio Brown Snapchat Video‘s recent update and describes the current update.

Do you know about the recent Snapchat video incident of Antonio Brown? A private video was leaked on social media, and his account was suspended. But on 18 January 2022, Antonio said his account was hacked, and he was not responsible for the image upload.

After this statement, many of his fans are excited worldwide. The news is also trending all over the media. Due to this reason, it is essential to discuss Antonio Brown Snapchat Video.

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The Recent Update

Brown was accused of uploading a private image on Snapchat. The idea was gradually circulated on social media platforms. For this reason, many people started to criticise this NFL superstar. But on 18 January 2023, Brown declared he was not responsible for the incident.

In a social media statement, the NFL legend wrote his account was hacked and soon he is trying to fix the problem with Snapchat management. After this image upload incident, Snapchat suspended the account of this sports superstar.

Is it Still Viral On Reddit? 

After this statement, Antonio, many people checked the Reddit account immediately. Interestingly, the link and video are still there on this account. You can still check the link; on the left side, the image of the video is still uploaded.

There is no information on whether the Reddit authority deleted the content or not. But with a new edition, the content was uploaded just 14 hours ago. And users can still watch the video on this account.

The Twitter Statement of Antonio

On 18 January 2023 (Wednesday) Brown requested the Snapchat support team to fix the problem as soon as possible because his account had been hacked, and he had no information about the problem.

Brown uploaded this statement Brown uploaded this statement at 10:34 PM local time.After this statement, many people also check out other social media. If you check the Tiktok platform, you can still find Antonio Brown’s recent incident.

After this statement, almost 1.28 million users have viewed the comment. Nearly 489 users retweeted, and 716 users quoted the Tweet. Comment liked by 6872 users.

Is This Video Available On YouTube?

On the social media channel Youtube, no private video is uploaded. But many YouTubers have posted the news on the track.

Reaction and Criticism

After this private content incident, many fans and colleagues of Brown criticised him. One of Brown’s old co-players said it is unfortunate that Brown is trending for controversial reasons. People are still shocked after the incident, even if they check social media comments.But this video is not uploaded on Instagramand Telegram‘s social media accounts.

It was not the first time when Brown faced controversies. He met similar things before. Brown is a very famous player in NFL history. Antonio ranked 37 as a wide receiver. He played for his favourite teams, such as Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, and Tampa Bay. Antonio also lifted the Super Bowl Championship trophy.

The Wiki Data

  • Full Name/Real Name- Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr.
  • Nick Name- AB
  • Profession- NFL Player
  • Partner Name- Chelsie Kyriss
  • Net Worth- 20 million USD
  • Date of Birth- 10 July 1988
  • Zodiac Sign- Cancer
  • Nationality- American

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There is no update from the Snapchat authority Brown’s statement. But his account status is still suspended. 

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Antonio Brown Snapchat Video- FAQ 

a) Who is the father of Antonio?

Eddie Brown.

b) Where did Antonio spend his childhood?

Liberty City.

c) Is Antonio Married?


d) Is Antonio Attended School?


e) What is the name of his college?

Central Michigan.

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