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The article discusses the death incident of the actor Anthony Johnson and the debate raise for the fund initiatives Anthony Johnson Gofundme.

Do you remember the comedy cult “House Party”? This comedy piece was so famous in the days of the ’90s. Especially the role of E.Z.E.E.Z.E people just loves the role in House Party. The position was played by one of the famous comedian artists Anthony Johnson. A genius actor later played many memorable roles. 

Unfortunately, he was found dead in an outlet in L.AL.A. He was a very famous comedian in the United States and Canada. Millions of his fans are speechless when they see the news about versatile actors, and they start donating to Anthony Johnson Gofundme.

About the Incident

The incident happened last month. Sources say the veteran actor was found on an unresponsive stage in an outlet. Later the store authority was taken him to L.A.L.A. hospital in Los Angeles. But doctors announced that he was dead. The cause of death is still unknown.

The news was spread via various news channels, portals and social media. After receiving the report, the fans were so depressed. They still remember his fantastic sense of comedy in many movies, series. However, the sources also claim that the financial problem of the actor’s family raised Anthony Johnson Gofundme

His family is now raising funds to cover the funeral costs of the actor. His family acknowledges the fundraising news. Lexis Jones, the wife of the actors, already talked about GoFundme initiatives. She asks for help from many of his fans and general people to cover the funeral cost.

The Fund Raising Initiatives 

As per the news, the late actor’s family already raised USD 800 funds. However, her wife informed the media in a close interview that the funeral cost is near USD 15000. Due to this reason, they have taken this Anthony Johnson Gofundme initiative. In her appeal, she asks for help to raise the fund to USD 20000.  

Who was Anthony Johnson? 

He was one of the best comedians in the 90s. He was famous for this great comic sense and dialogue delivery—fans like his humor sense and role treatment. Anthony got acknowledgement for his unforgettable role in House Party. It was one of his great works still admire by many people. Later he played a notable role in Lethal Weapon 3 and Menace 2 Story. He did many comedy shows in many countries and was knowledge by many of his fans.

The Debate

The Anthony Johnson Gofundme is already in debate. The actor’s wife blames many people for writing many things on social media, but they are not helping her family. About the dead of Anthony Johnsonshe expresses her anger on many people. 

She claimed that all are showing fake love by concerning only on social media. But they are not donating or helping this low-income family. In the meanwhile, many fans and colleagues are working to raise funds. Actor Lil Rel Howery has donated USD 4000 to support this low-income family.

Final Verdict

The initiatives of Anthony Johnson Gofundme are still in debate. Meanwhile, the reason for the death is still not disclosed by the hospital authority. If you have any questions about Gofundme then check the official site. And do not forget to share your opinion in the comment section.

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