Anime Destroyers Simulator Codes (Oct) Steps To Redeem!

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In this post, you will know about Anime Destroyers Simulator Codes that give you freebies in the game.

Do you know that you can redeem freebies in the Anime Destroyer Roblox game? In this post, we will discuss the codes and a bit about the game as well. Roblox has given the gamers another game full of adventure, action, thrill, and excitement.

The game is known as Anime Destroyers, and gamers from the Philippines, Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries are in love with this game. To get full advantage of the game, you need to have yen, which gives you clothes, moves, and many new items. But the codes give you that advantages for free. 

Let us discuss more Anime Destroyers Simulator Codes.

What is Anime Destroyers Simulator Game?

As the name suggests, you have to select your anime character and destroy everything you can in the game. In this game, you can get more yen by destroying things around you. The game was created on 12 July 2021 by BloxCrafters, and the latest update of the game was released on 30 September 2021, which is just recently. 

With the update, the codes are also released for the gamers to redeem freebies in the game. Let us see the codes of the Anime Destroyers game.

Anime Destroyers Simulator Codes

There are not many codes in this game, but they are just enough to give you the things that might make you happy. Below are some of the codes:

  • thanks4likes – This code will give you 2x Power XP Boost.
  • LIKEGOAL1 – From this code, you will gain a 2x damage boost for 15 minutes.
  • RELEASE – From this code, you will gain 2x Yen for 15 minutes.

The important thing to note is the codes mentioned here are active for only some time, and they can be deactivated anytime, so you should try out these Anime Destroyers Simulator Codes as soon as you can.

How to Redeem The Anime Destroyer Codes?

The process to redeem these codes for free is very straightforward, and if you have been playing Roblox games for a while, you might know how to redeem these codes. However, in case you don’t know, below are the steps to redeem the codes:

  • Launch the game and go to the home screen of the game.
  • Click on the Twitter button you see on the top of the screen.
  • You will see the inbox to fill codes; copy-paste any of the Anime Destroyers Simulator Codes mentioned above.
  • Done, you will be rewarded according to the uses of code.

The Final Verdict

There can be many codes to redeem freebies, but presently, only the codes mentioned above; will update you if more codes come up. Check out here to see the official page of this game on the Roblox platform

Do the codes mention in this post work for you? Let us know in the comment section below to update the post accordingly. Also, do share this Anime Destroyers Simulator Codes post to inform others.

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