Anime Codes Clone Tycoon {Dec} Know Redemption Steps!

In this post, we have discussed the Clone Tycoon games, Anime Codes Clone Tycoon and how to redeem them.

Are you a fan of the famous Roblox game Clone Tycoon? Do you want to know about its latest codes and rewards? If yes, tune into the post. 

The creator of Clone Tycoon always comes up with new codes, and players Worldwide look around for these codes. So, in this post, we will discuss Anime Codes Clone Tycoon and how to redeem those codes.

About Anime Clone Tycoon 

Anime Clone Tycoon is an animated themed game that is only available on Roblox. The game is on trend currently. The game was developed by Roblox creator Anime Fusion. The game allows players to build an army base. The game is all about building a base, becoming ruler of the army universe, spawning favourite characters from a range of anime, and constructing a research facility for the army base. Players can unlock more powerful guns, aircraft, rockets, and a plethora of other intriguing goods in the Anime Clone Tycoon game. 

About Anime Clone Tycoon Codes 

Anime Codes Clone Tycoon are special rewards offered to players by the Clone Tycoon game’s creator, Anime–Fusion. There is no schedule published yet, but Clone Tycoon codes are normally provided when the game hits a particular number of views or likes or commemorates an update in the games.

The codes may be redeemed for Gems, which could be used to buy boosters to help you collect more money faster. Since codes expire within a certain amount of time, players should use them as early as possible. 

List of Clone Tycoon Codes:

  • 10klikes – Redeem this Clone Tycoon Codes for 300 Gems. 

How to redeem Anime Codes Clone Tycoon

Anime Clone Tycoon Codes provides various rewards and freebies for the players. Currently, the creator has only rolled out codes that provide Gems. These Gems are very important in the game as it provides the player with the ability to boost. But there is a catch, players need to redeem the codes in the right way to earn the reward. 

Follow this step by step guide to redeem the code:

  • Open the Clone Tycoon game on Roblox through mobile or PC
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, click on the Twitter button.
  • Choose a Clone Tycoon code from the list mentioned above and copy the Anime Codes Clone Tycoon.
  • Now paste the code into the Enter Code Here dialogue box on the screen.
  • Lastly, to collect the reward, click on the Redeem button.
  • Enjoy the reward!

That concludes our list of Clone Tycoon codes. Players can also discover additional codes, check the game’s developer on Twitter at AnimeCloneRB. Players may also acquire updates, announcements and engage with Clone Tycoon players by joining their official Discord server.


Anime Clone Tycoon Codes are one of the best ways to earn rewards and boost gameplay. There are more upcoming code releases. So, stay tuned with us as we regularly update on the latest codes and rewards. Visit Anime Clone Tycoon Twitter for more. 

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