Aniakki Reviews {July} A Legitimate Site Or A Scam?

Aniakki Online Website Reviews

Are you searching for unbiased strings to Aniakki Reviews? If yes, you can use this post to know the site completely. 

Do you love online shopping more than traditional shopping methods? Have you been observing real clues revealing the authenticity of Then, please read this post to assemble unbiased reviews of this website. 

Online shopping is in full swing within the global audience, especially in most parts of the United States. But unfortunately, scamming is also frequent in virtual shopping, leading to a huge capital loss for buyers. So, to update you, this writing on Aniakki Reviews will express the fine details, including the legitimacy-detector points, of

Explaining This Portal 

While researching, we noted that this online portal primarily declares to sell handmade bags for women. Moreover, our investigation further found the website mentioning that upon ordering every time, the customers will get only high-quality, fresh, unopened items with a competitive margin. Also, they claimed to have a dedicated customer service provider team that monitors every sales stage. 

Thus, by observing these details, you might consider it a safe platform for buying. But, we recommend you to glance at the further details below to know more.   

Briefing Specifications To Disclose Is Aniakki Legit?

  • Our finding determined that the URL is
  • The website provides a 14-day exchange policy. 
  • We researched 745 Jasmine St, Denver, Colorado, CO 80220, United States, as the address. 
  • Their business hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. 
  • For payments, they accept PayPal through VISA, American Express, etc. 
  • The purchaser can make a return within 14 days. 
  • We encountered that this website enrollment date is 20-05-2022, meaning it is a 1-month and 21 days old portal.
  • The shipping time takes 8 to 12 days to arrive. 
  • The Aniakki Reviews survey realized that the Twitter, Gmail, and Facebook icons are detected over this site. 
  • If the buyer hasn’t received the parcel within 25 days, they will give a 100% refund. 
  • is the declared mail address. 
  • The strings to the delivery policy are missing. 
  • The telephone number given is +1 517-769-9300. 

Advantages Detected

  • Our examination found an email address.
  • The address details and a phone number are provided.
  • We observed the social icons. 
  • A user review is observed over the Internet. 

Defects Found 

  • The newsletter option is unavailable, exhibiting a query Is Aniakki Legit?
  • We found that the icons are inoperative
  • Our survey detected no reviews over Trustpilot.  

Is Aniakki Suspicious?

  • Social Media Connections– The research declared that the icons are broken, preventing the website from gaining more popularity.  
  • Trust Score– 2% value is found when searching for the website’s trust score.  
  • Discount Verification– We haven’t spotted any excessive concession rates for products. But, still, it could be a possible scamming trick.  
  • Trust Rank– Our survey noted that the portal attained only a 38.6/100 value. 
  • Alexa Rank– 8429741 value was discovered when we researched the Alexa Rank of 
  • Customers’ Reviews– We haven’t collected any Aniakki Reviews or comments on Trustpilot. However, our research found a negative review on a famous reviewing platform.
  • Website Age– The portal is 1 month and 21 days old, implying its creation date is 20-05-2022. 
  • Plagiarization– According to sources, the website has many copied contents from other problematic portals. 
  • Policies– We haven’t captured any clues on the delivery policy, raising several queries to this site. 
  • Address Originality– The given address directs us to the family home or nearby places. As a result, we haven’t seen any location connection with this website. 
  • Owner’s Name– The related details are absent on this portal. 
  • Portal Expiry Date– The Aniakki Reviews survey found that 20-05-2023 is the suspension date of

What Are The Latest Customers’ Comments?

We failed to achieve any comments on the famous reviewing platform, Trustpilot, making it hard to rely on this shopping portal. However, on another site, we found a user comment exhibiting the duplicity nature of 

Moreover, the user was urged to stay away from this site as it is a scam. As a result, this website collected only a 1-star rating out of 5 stars. Interpret more knowledge about credit card scams here. 


In this post on Aniakki Reviews, we investigated the portal and discovered it is questionable. Also, we found many defects, and thus, we refer you to hold on buying products from this portal. Gather useful information on the PayPal cons here. Learn about handbags here  

Do you have any evidence for this site? Please display your opinion below.

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