Andrew Peacock State Funeral {Feb} Know This in Detail!

Kindly read the whole article to know about Andrew Peacock State Funeral in detail. Also, get to know Mr. Andrew’s personal and political career.

Are you curious to know about Andrew Peacock Funeral? What is the reason behind delayed farewell? Then here is the article for you.

People from Australia and New Zealand are talking about the memorial service held recently for Mr. Andrew. This article, Andrew Peacock State Funeral, will give you all the details.

Before discussing the funeral, have a look at Mr. Andrew’s life.

Andrew Sharp Peacock: Early life 

Andrew Peacock was born on 13th February 1939 in Melbourne. Mr. Andrew’s father was a marine engineer and a founder of Peacock & Smith Ltd, a shipbuilding firm. 

Education was at Scotch College, and I further graduated in law at Melbourne. He married Susan Rossiter, the daughter of John Rossiter, MLA of Victorian Liberal. Mr. Andrew had three children. 

Andrew married his second wife Margaret Ingram and third Penne Percy Korth three times.

Andrew died at the age of 82 at his residence in Austin, Texas, on 16th April 2021. Andrew Peacock State Funeral was held in Melbourne.

Political Career:

Mr. Andrew was first contested for the seat of Yarra, the federal election in the year 1961. Later, Mr. Andrew became Young Liberals president in 1962, and in 1965 he became the Victorian Liberal Party president.

In 1969 Andrew was appointed as Minister of the Army to the Second Gorton Ministry. In 1972, Liberal Party went into opposition, and Andrew was the senior member of the Liberal. 

Andrew also served as a minister for foreign affairs till 1980. Andrew faced many ups and downs in his political career, and he resigned from the parliament in 1994. 

Mr. Andrew also served as ambassador to the United States for two years, from 1997 to 1999.

Andrew Peacock State Funeral

The Australian political leader Andrew Peacock AC GCL is a well-known personality. He was remembered as an influential opposition leader. Andrew, unfortunately, did not become a prime minister in Melbourne. Mr. Andrew has achieved heights in his political career.

The state funeral was held in Melbourne on 10th February Friday. Many have attended the memorial service. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Marise Payne, Home minister, former Victorian Jeff Kennett, Josh Freudenberg, Sam Newman were few at the funeral. 

Prime Minister, Marrison paid tribute to Mr. Andrew at Andrew Peacock State Funeral and said people felt warm and comfortable around Peacock even if they didn’t know him much or knew him well. 

Peacock dominated the landscape and had a sense of gravity that drew us towards him.

All paid tribute to Mr. Andrew at the funeral and remembered him, and appreciated his achievement in politics. 

Mr. Andrew was a more admirable person. Many have shared their memories of his friendship. 

The funeral day was well programmed and the delay in organising the funeral after many months of his death was due to Covid. 

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After discussing Andrew Peacock State Funeral, we can say the funeral was memorable. Andrew Peacock was a great political leader and a very humble person. 

All the political figures, including the prime minister, have paid tribute to Mr. Andrew. The whole nation has lost its legendary leader.

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