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The article “Ancient Roman Bust Goodwill” will describe the bust’s 2000-year journey and recent information.

Do you know that this 2000-year-old Roman bust exists? The San Antonio Museum of Art has finally received an old Roman bust from the first century missing for decades.

Laura Young, an antique dealer, was bought at a thrift store in Austin, Texas, United States, in 2018. According to the San Antonio Art Museum, she discovered a sculpture on the stone floor. A collector of cheap or unique art, Laura Young told the Newspaper that she paid $34.99 for the Ancient Roman Bust Goodwill, which was afterwards photographed with a sticker price on its face belted up in her car.

How old is this Ancient Bust?

Roman Bust was unveiled this week at the San Antonio Museum of the art, along with a plaque honouring M.S. Young’s role in the bust’s finding after its extraordinary 2000- year journey from ancient Rome to the Goodwill Boutique on far west Boulevard.

However, after performing research confirmed by the Bavarian government, It was quickly established that Ms. Young would be unable to sell the artwork, putting an end to anyone’s dream of finding valuable finds at GoodWill stores and yard sales.

Ancient Roman Bust Goodwill: 2000 Years Journey 

The Roman Bust is more than just a large stone garden ornament. It was a real Roman bust from the late first century B.C. or early first century A.D., in a Bavarian royal’s art collection from the 19th century until World War II. It’s unclear how it ended up in Texas. However, an American soldier followed the possible route after allied forces attacked the Bavarian king’s residence in Germany.

After WWII, it was most likely stolen or traded for by an American service member. The Goodwill Foundation has not provided any details on the Ancient Roman Bust Goodwill‘s origins.

A son of Pompey the Great or Nero Claudius Drusus Germanicus is thought to be shown in the bust. The bust will be on display until May 2023 at the San Antonio Museum of Art. For 70 to 80 years, he’s remained hidden. The museum director believes he is worthy of attention.

Young was well aware of the importance of returning the sculpture. For her, it’s a difficult situation. She told the reporters that she wishes could have kept him but that she is glad she was the one who found him.

Final Thoughts on Ancient Roman Bust Goodwill

According to the San Antonio Museum of Art, art collector Laura Young was shopping at a Goodwill store in Austin, Texas, in 2018 when she discovered a sculpture on the floor beneath a table. Laura Young, a collector of inexpensive or unusual art, told The Art Newspaper that the bust cost her $34.99. The bust was discovered to be 2000 years old.

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