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Are you aware of the Nuclear War that occurred long years ago? Are you interested in knowing about this topic? If so, please read this article carefully and grab some knowledge about this topic.

Nuclear War creates fear in everyone’s minds across the world. Countries like the United StatesCanadaGermanyItaly, and the United Kingdom are rich in nuclear weapons. But recent studies show that this kind of atomic war happened long ago. Here we will discuss the Ancient Harappan Nuclear War.

Nuclear War That Happened In The Ancient Harappan Civilization

We have learned about the devastation of the Nuclear War from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki of World War II. We live in a world where all the powerful countries show off their power by boasting about their atomic capacity.

The recent excavation found skeletons scattered in the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. Among these skeletons, some were holding hands, and many sprawled as if some horrible thing happened at once and people just died and remained unburied. 

While talking about the Ancient Harappan Nuclear War, we see these skeletons are thousands of years old. The question arises why the earthworms and bot decayed did not eat these bodies by the time. Why do wild animals eat up these bodies etc.? Apart from it, the test showed no mark on the body for violence.

A scholar from Soviet Russia excavated a skeleton 50 times more radioactive than the actual level. In a country like India, many cities have been found that contain proof of an explosion of great intensity. There exists one city that is situated between the Rajmahal and the Ganges.

Some More Instances Of Ancient Harappan Nuclear War

In India, there is a place called Lonar Crater, which is situated 400 km near Bombay. This place is almost 50,000 years old. According to the researchers, this place has had signs of Nuclear Wars.

In the Rampa Empire in Rajasthan, there is evidence of Nuclear War. There was the site in the Western part of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, where a thick layer of radioactive ash was found. Where the present Thar desert is situated, long years ago, it was part of the Indus Valley.

Children were born with defects in that place, and the site has a high level of radiation. The Indian Government shut off this place.

Why Is Ancient Harappan Nuclear War Trending In News

A historian named Kisari Mohan Ganguli says that Indian scriptures are full of this kind of instance of Nuclear War, either its sky chariots or its final weapons.

In today’s world, where the power of a nation means the number of nuclear weapons that country possesses, the sign of nuclear activity in the ancient past is astonishing, and therefore this news is trending.


Based on internet research, we try to portray the fact that has come out after thorough research on the Ancient Harappan Nuclear War. Is Nuclear War the reason behind the destruction of civilizations like Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro? Share your answer with valid points.

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