Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs {Jan} Learn What It Is!

Are you looking for Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs wiki? Read this post and know its meaning, bonuses, and more since it aims to deliver the best knowledge.

What do ancient ceremonial robes mean? Are they useful to protect themselves from ancient creatures? These are the most trending questions nowadays on the United Kingdom and the United States web. If you are also one who needs to know what exactly it means and why it is trending, then read this post. 

This article will discuss ceremonial robes, their different sets, and more. So, let us get started and know Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs

What does OSRS mean?

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is popular as OSRS wiki, and it was previously known as 2007Scape WiKi. It is an official website for the MMORPG game and published by Jagex Ltd. It was founded on 14 February 2013 to show dedication towards ancient items and bring true knowledge about things. Currently, this site has 24,957 articles, 1,533,326 edits, and millions of active users who contribute daily to the site’s growth. 

This website also welcomes people to join them for edits and share their contribution towards ancient knowledge. In such topics, Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs is one that is trending over the internet.   

How to be a part of the OSRS wiki?

If you have an interest in ancient items or history, then OSRS is going to be the best place to share and learn knowledge. To become a contributor, you need to get registered with OSRS. For instance, if you find any topic that needs edits, be it poor grammar, wrong information, spelling errors, or more, you can hit the edit button and correct that piece of article. 

If you want to be the regular editor, then you need to create your account. However, it will hide your PC IP address from the public.

About Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs 

Ancient Ceremonial Robes is the set of different robes that do not offer defensive bonuses. But when you wear them, ancient creatures will not be aggressive with you unless you do not attack them. These pieces are dropped basically by NPCs in the antique prison. 

In the ancient ceremony, you will find five things: mask, legs, gloves, boots, and top. However, none of them gives you an attack and defence bonus. These robes are almost identical to those worn by UMBRA. Also, it can be obtained as the drop from God’s wars dungeon.

What Monsters drop the Ancient robes?

Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs shared the following monster’s name, which drops the ancient mask, legs, top, gloves, and boots. 

  • Commander Zilyana
  • General Graardor
  • K’rill Trustaroth
  • Kree’Arra

For more details, read this link  

The Bottom Line

Finally, you know what it means and its bonuses. These ancient robs have a unique power that will not provoke ancient creatures to attack you unless you attack them first. It is like security backup but with no defence and attack bonuses. 

We hope you found this post helpful, and it may add knowledge to you. So, what’s your opinion on Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs? Please share your useful comments in the given box. 

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