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This post will articulate about the Anahola Accident. Read the full article to know about recent accidents in Anahola.

Are you aware of the accident that happened in Anahola? Road accidents are taking place frequently nowadays. After every two or three days, we listen to various accident news. Anahola is a place in Hawaii, United States. A road accident happened in Anahola a few days back. 

 Here we will discuss the accidents in the past few days in Anahola. The reason and consequences of the accident are mentioned in this article on Anahola Accident

Details of Accident 

On Friday, 15 April 2022, an accident took place at mile marker 15 North of Anahola. The accident occurred due to a multi-transport crash. According to reports, traffic on the road led to the crash of several vehicles on the road. 

Several vehicles came together and collided with each other. The roads are closed due to this accident. As per our research, the traffic is restricted from both sides of the road. The further details regarding the accident are not revealed yet. 

Anahola Accident

Another accident occurred on Wednesday night before 9 pm in Anahola. The three cars have collided around mile marker 12. Any major injuries are not reported, but the vehicles are damaged. As per reports, a Honda SUV car was driving northbound along a southbound lane when it struck an onrushing Subaru SUV.

The incident impacted a Mazda pickup truck in the southbound lane to collide with Subaru. The three vehicles are damaged majorly. The driver of Subaru,45, had no injuries. The pickup truck driver and passenger had no injuries. Medical practitioners checked them.

Further details Anahola Accident

The Honda SUV driver was arrested on the spot. The driver was a nineteen-year-old girl, Carmen Rodarte of Anahola. She was suspected to be driving a vehicle after consuming an intoxicant. Carmen was taken into custody by the police and was left on bail after paying $750. 

More about the accident

Several accidents take place in day to day life.. Road accidents are the most common that we get to hear in a very short period. The accidents, as mentioned earlier, happened in Anahola, United States a few days ago. The Anahola Accident, which happened on Wednesday, did not report any injuries or harm to people. But the vehicles are smashed.

We didn’t find many details about the accident that happened on Friday. The reason was the collision of vehicles. Currently, the investigation is going on. We will be uploading more details as soon as the investigation gets over and the details are released. All the updates regarding the accident will be mentioned here. 


The details about the accidents in Anahola are mentioned in this post. The accident didn’t cause any injury to the driver or passenger. Although the vehicles are damaged. Many readers wanted to know about the Anahola Accident. The details about recent accidents are given in this article. To know more about the accident, visit this link.  

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