Ampusp Reviews {May} Is This Website Scam Or Not? Check

Do you want to know about the legitimacy pointers, advantages, and disadvantages of Ampusp? Read the article Ampusp Reviews below.

Do you want to know about the e-commerce platform that provides digital cameras and many more products related to trending technologies? In this article, we will be doing research on an online store whose name is Ampusp. Discussion will be also done on its legitimacy, advantages, disadvantages, reviews and many more things.

There are many parts of the world where you can do shopping with the help of Ampusp, including the United States. Let’s begin with the article Ampusp Reviews.

About Ampusp?

Ampusp is a website available online, and anyone can access the website. The main products available on Ampusp are cameras, their parts, and different types of tripods. Apart from these products, various products are related to cameras and tripods. 

Ampusp is also providing a special t-shirt with some special words written on it. Ampusp has the products of branded companies like Nikon and many more. So, if you are planning to buy anything from Ampusp, let’s check that Is Ampusp Legit.

Specifications of Ampusp

  • Domain Age – The date on which Ampusp was established on the internet is 30/03/2022. Ampusp has not completed even six months on the internet, according to the establishment date. 
  • Contact Number – Contact Support given on Ampusp is (279)-201-6527.
  • Company Address – The address of the store given by Ampusp is Louis, Grand Blvd, United States.
  • Products Available – The products available on Ampusp are camera-related things, a tripod, a unique t-shirt etc.
  • Newsletter – The newsletter is available on Ampusp.
  • Shipping Policy – Your product will reach to you in 5 to 6 business days.
  • Customers Reviews – No user Ampusp Reviews are available on the verified portal.
  • Refund and Return Policy– Ampusp allows you to return your product in 30 days. 
  • Email ID – The Email id given on Ampusp for customers is
  • URL Link – The URL Link of Ampusp is
  • Social Media Link – Ampusp is not linked to any of the social media platform.
  • Payment Methods – PayPal is the payment method given on Ampusp.

Advantages of Ampusp

  • The interface of Ampusp is not giving a messy look. Everything is placed in a systematic order, and the product’s information is also given in a good manner.
  • All the required and necessary policies are there.

Disadvantages of Ampusp

  • No customer Ampusp Reviews are on the website. As we have checked the verified portals also, there are no reviews.
  • Only a single mode of payment is given for the customers to pay.
  • The policies given on the website of Ampusp are purely copied from some of the suspicious sites.
  • The ranks and scores in the market of Ampusp are very low.
  • Ampusp is very new on the internet and has not even cleared the basic stability of six months.
  • The important information mentioned on Ampusp is fake, like the store’s address.

Is Ampusp Legit

  • Trust Rank – Trust Rank of Ampusp is 2%.
  • Trust Score – Trust score of Ampusp is 42.4 out of 100.
  • Social Media Pages – Ampusp is not connected to any social media platforms.
  • Content Quality – The maximum content on Ampusp is plagiarised.
  • Owner Information – The information of the owner is not given on Ampusp.
  • Domain Age – The date on which Ampusp was established on the internet is 30/03/2022.
  • Expiration Date – The date on which Ampusp will expire is 30/03/2023.
  • Policies – All the important policies are copied from other websites on Ampusp.
  • Unrealistic Discounts – No such Discounts can be found on Ampusp.
  • Address Originality – The address provided by Ampusp is not correct.

Customers Ampusp Reviews

No reviews are found for the news launched website Ampusp. We have tried to find the reviews at many places, like the website, social media platforms, and verified portals, but no single review is present. So, after seeing no reviews, it is clear that before shopping the products from Ampusp, you need to check everything on your level. You can know how to keep your money safe from Credit Card fraud.

The Final Verdict

By considering the above article, Ampusp Reviews, Ampusp’s legitimacy is suspicious. It means to trust Ampusp; you need to check many things. Ampusp has become suspicious due to its stability issue; only one payment method is mentioned, no customer reviews, the market scores, and the ranks. 

So, before placing your order from Ampusp, you must know Victim of Credit Card Fraud. You can know more about cameras

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  1. It would be amazing for it to be a legit company because there is a lot of things that can be bought for a fraction of the original price but I don’t know and I’m not gunna try to figure it out myself

    • Hi Mark, this is usually happens when you buy anything from a scam website. In the last the buyer need to suffer either with crap product or no product at all. Check how you can get refunds. Take care.


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