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Please read the Among Us Stars Pack article to learn the price chart and the stars you can earn. The giant’s collaboration is an eye feast for the players.

Are you fond of Among Us game and the star pack sale? Do you know Fortnite has collaborated with Among Us to entertain its players? If you want to know the complete details of the purchase of the pack, read the below-written article.

Among Us has earned top place and played passionately by the players. The game’s popularity has an instance that even politicians in the United States mention in their blogs. Players are very excited about the sale.

 Let us learn about the collaboration, how to purchase Among Us Stars Pack, and its availability on Fortnite.

Description of Among Us Game

Among Us can purchase the game from the Epic Game store. The game was released into the market with an impressive imposter to attract the players. Recently, there has been rumour of an alliance between Fortnite and Among Us. In addition, the newly available back bling and emote are feature details available here.

  • Crewmate Back bling: Players are offered ten different colours for free.
  • Distraction Emote: Players are entertained with a dance collection of Henry Stickman’s 

Now you can have your desired Among Us Star Pack at a reasonable price. Firstly, you have to own Among Us game from the Epic Game Store. Unless you buy a star pack, you will be not able to grab back bling and emote.

Players must buy cosmetics from the Epic game store, which is not available for free Fortnite games. The sale is available for the players for one year period. Players do not need to hurry to grab the chance. Until June 9,2023,11 a.m ET, the Fortnite store can earn some money next year. We have provided you with the price list for buying the pack.

Among Us Stars Pack

The Epic game developers revealed the official partner of both games. Fortnite players are now entertained with Among Us posters while playing. To purchase posters from Among Us, you must be clear about your Fortnite account to be chained up with it.

The price chart of Among Us in the Fortnite store is detailed and written below. Players need to buy in dollar currency, yet the store provides you even with $1 also.

  • Players can buy a pack of 20 stars for $1.99.
  • Players can buy a pack of 30 stars for $2.99.
  • Players can buy a pack of 50 stars for $4.99.

Players willing to buy Among Us Stars Pack for more stars have to pay more.

  • Players can buy a pack of 110 stars for $9.99.
  • Players can buy a pack of 300 stars for $24.99.

If players are not interested in purchasing Among Us, they can go with the minimum pack with a dollar and earn free cosmetics for the members of crewmates in the Fortnite game.

The promotional video has given certain information for players that the Crewmate back bling has colours like pink, red, black, blue, orange, green, and purple.

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In the article Among Us Stars Pack, we have shared the details of pack values and how one can earn the stars in the Fortnite store. The new collaboration puts on a new show for the players. Click here for more details.

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