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Welcome to worldwide Quordle fans. Are you the one who is trying to crack four words simultaneously using one keyboard? Do you want to know the answer for quordle 105, which seems to be most difficult to crack? If so, read the article to complete your task.

The game quordle has a huge fanbase in the countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Let us discuss the right answers in the below article Amity Wordle. Let us crack the puzzle below.

Quordle  105 answers.

The answers to the quordle 105 are a bit tricky and troublesome for the players to knuckle the answers. The player is best with his vocabulary if he can guess the right words in nine guesses. Here are the answers for Quordle 105 are RALPH, INGOT, COVET, and AMITY.

The first word, “Ralph,” is a formal name given to males, and well, it has a slang definition with meaning vomit. The second word, “Ingot”. It means it is a metal mold used in transportation for further metal processing. The third word, “Covet,” is a verb that means to desire other belongings to be owned for oneself.

And last answer is Amity. What Is Amity? The word got confused with the first word. The meaning of this word is friendly.

Quordle game

 Quordle is a similar game as a wordle. Some games have evolved as clones from Wordle in recent times, such as Heardle, Dordle, etc. Quordle game is a word game inspired by Wordle. It is an online puzzle game that Freddie Meyer creates. The idea of the game came from the game Dordle, in which two words are guessed at a time. Let’s explore more details of the game below.

Quiz Answer: Amity Wordle 

Amity word is mostly confused with “Atimy” as it is common parlance. This bottom-right word is frequently used. The friendly meant to be between two nations which are lacking nowadays. After having a clear idea of the word “ Amity,” let us move further to learn how to play the game.

How to play Quordle?

Playing the quordle game is a little bit harder compared to the Wordle game. In this game, there will be given nine chances to guess right four words with five letters each. There will be only one keyboard, which is meant to be attentive in guessing the answer. A similar rule is used in answering the Amity Wordle.

There will be a change in the color of the tiles for everyone you have made.

  • If you have given the right letter in the right box, the tile turns green.
  • If you have given the right letter, but in the wrong tile, the tile turns yellow.
  • If you have given the wrong letter which does not fit in either of any words, the tile turns grey.

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Playing quordle game provides you with brainteasing and gaining sufficient knowledge in vocabulary. The game is available on mobile and the system for your convenience to enjoy the game. Click here to play game on the official website.

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