Amazon 27th Anniversary {Sep} Know The Full Fact Here!

This article provides you information about the most valuable retailer – Amazon 27th Anniversary and its offers in this article.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon on 5th July 1994. Before the Anniversary, Jeff announced that he would hand over his role as a CEO to Andy Jassy on 5th July and assume the role of Executive Chairman. With two milestones to reach on 5th July 2021, Amazon’s anniversary was much rumored in Canada and the United States. Were you looking for goodies on Amazon’s Amazon’s anniversary?

Let us check what Amazon 27th Anniversary holds for its users.

Anniversary news on the internet:

The hackers took the 27th Anniversary to their advantage and worked aggressively. They circulate fake news on social media stating Amazon is offering free gifts to everyone at this event. 

  • The website has made such circulars since May 2021, and 
  • It had 526,000 interactions on overall social media and messaging groups. 
  • The website, however, mentioned it as their 30th Anniversary in their message. 
  • Let us look at the message: “Amazon 30th anniversary celebrations-Free gifts for everyone from”. 
  • The message had a link to a look-a-like  Amazon 27th Anniversary website. 
  • The users assumed that it was a genuine website. 
  • Users were offered free gifts like the Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G for completing a survey. 
  • The website message said: “Congratulations, you are chosen to participate in the survey. You will receive a fantastic prize:a Huawei-Mate 40 Pro. It will take only a minute.”
  • In the survey, users were prompted to answer a few questions to improve the quality of service from Amazon. 
  • The questions were related to the individual’s age, gender, phone user-owned, and quality of Amazon’sAmazon’s service. 
  • Once the user completed the Amazon 27th Anniversary survey, nine boxes appeared on the screen, and the user had to choose one box out of those nine boxes. 
  • The website said that the free gift was inside one of the boxes. 
  • Once you click on a box, the website congratulates that user as a winner. 
  • The website DEMANDED that to claim the gift, the user should forward the same message to at least FIVE GROUPS (or) to TWENTY FRIENDS. 

NOTE: For official promotional offers and events, you can trust the official Facebook page of Amazon.

How to avoid scams like Amazon 27th Anniversary?

  • Check the website you are navigating to is genuine and the website URL is correct. For example, the anniversary message had the Amazon website spelled as amazsocn.
  • Many social media apps like WhatsApp will label a message as – FORWARDED MANY TIMES. It means the message is excessively shared by many users with several groups (or) individual users.
  • When you get navigated to a link, verify if the URL contains HTTPS and not just HTTP. The S character in the URL stands for secure. In contrast, websites with HTTP are potentially harmful. 


Amazon 27th Anniversary did not announce any such giveaways on their website, Amazon verified channels, nor via official email to users. In July 2021, Amazon had a Prime Day event with exciting discounts, cashback, gifts, and other offers. Amazon is unlikely to give Huawei phones to all its users, and evidently, no one received them.

Do you want to know more about Amazon? Let us know your views about such scams.

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